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3 Ways To Judge A Dental Practice Marketing Guru!

What’s the 3 ways you can judge your neighborhood dental practice guru? Well, read this short article and see for yourself. 3 Ways To Judge A Dental Practice Marketing Guru: With the proliferation of the internet… it seems like there’s a “guru” popping up on every other block. It makes me laugh. Because most of the time… these “holier-than-thou-saviors”… are nothing more than a big, puffy balloon… stuffed with a lot of hot air! So how can you decipher the good from the bad? The real from the phony?
Here are 3 things Tooth Extraction Meaning In Hindi to watch out for:
1. Anyone who claims (or calls themself) a “guru” is someone to steer clear of! Does Michael Jordan run around banging on his chest all day? Claiming to be the best basketball Dental Insurance Extractions player to ever live? No. He doesn’t have to. His actions speak louder than his words. I’m all for marketing your services. I’m not in favor of making claims you can’t back up.
2. A “guru” that’s never owned… operated… and marketed a real-live brick and mortars business! Let’s face it — having a “real live brink n’ mortars” business is MUCH harder than setting up an online “cyberspace” business. And yet, too many “gurus” have never paid rent… built out a storefront… made payroll… and encountered all the other pitfalls that go with a real-live business. Truth is, most of these online folks would crumble like a deck of cards if they had to market a real-live business.
3. A “guru” that’s always promoting “the next hot thing”. Growing a dental practice is not that difficult. So long as you follow a few tried-and true principles. But gurus like to promote the “new hot thing”… because they want your money. And they want you to believe that there’s one shiny object that will rescue you from your woes. Baloney! Be careful whose cup of kool-aid you drink from. Drink from the wrong cup and you could end up in the bankrupt dentists’ graveyard.