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Dental Marketing Blunder That Will Bankrupt Your Practice!

Do you ever wonder whether or not you should spend money on dental marketing? If so, then let me share a little story with you.
Dental Marketing Big Blunder:
Every 6 months I go see a dentist. That’s Oral Hygiene Definition because I like having my teeth cleaned.
So 6 months ago to-the-day, How To Remove A Broken Tooth At Home I saw a dentist.
Who told me he was “into” marketing. And that he wanted to ramp up his practice. Turns out this dentist knew about as much about marketing as Bugs Bunny knows about oil changes.
Get a load of this:
Just yesterday, I got a postcard from this dentist — reminding me that my second appointment is coming up.
Thing is… I haven’t heard “a peep” from this dentist in 6 months.
No newsletter. No phone call. No new patient welcome kit. NOTHING.
That would be like going out on a first date… having a good time… and then waiting 6 months to call and schedule a second date. That would be plain stupid. And your “date” would think you were crazy.
After all, you haven’t talked in 6 months. And then “out of the blue”… you call for a second date.
So what did this dentist do wrong?
He did nothing to build a relationship with me. And in today’s competitive dental market… that’s a huge mistake to make.
So remember, a big chunk of your dental marketing budget must be invested in your current clients. Or they will forget about you. And move on to someone else.