Dental Office Marketing Design – Try Disney and Warner Brothers Art to Decorate Your Practice Halls

“Art of Dentistry” the other meaning
If you Google “dental art”, you will find that most references have to do with the actual science of dentistry. That is, the skills and information one needs to perfect the art of fixing teeth. That, along with the art of applying knowledge used for cosmetic dentistry. In these Tooth Implants Near Me examples, “dental” is the subject which is like “an art”. Conversely, in this article “art” is the subject and “dental” is the predicate. This lesser used construct is ironically filled with a richness of culture and substance that can surprisingly out shine its homonym phrase.
This genre of artwork has its roots way back in the in the early years of art reproduction. Etchings, photos and lithographs of early dental procedures, waiting rooms and dental offices from over 100 years ago, exist out there in the world today and probably decorated the walls of dental offices of the early 20th century. Today, we are in the midst of a major movement of dental art collecting that started in the early 1990’s, Colgate Shopsmiles Reviews when legendary Warner Brothers animator Chuck Jones released his now famous six-piece limited edition hand painted cel series. This series starred Dr. Bugs Bunny DDS in hilarious dental situations. Dr. Bunny together with his animated cohorts struck a major cord with dentists and ultimately their patients in a way that opened the flood gates for other cartoon studio artists to begin creating their own dental artwork.
For the doctor, this cartoon artwork was, among other things, a vehicle to portray his good sense of humor, and show their patients the lighter side of dentistry. As Charles Fazzino interestingly said it could precisely be “the dental profession is an art form in itself” that fuels the attraction. Or maybe it could also be the art brings cheerfulness and relaxation into a visit that is frequently dreaded, for many.
There are at least 60 different known, dental related, limited edition, cartoon studio, works of art in existence today. They easily make up the majority of all the limited edition dental art. They have all been created by several various different studio certified artists. This collection is fascinatingly unique because it combines many various elements, such as: visual beauty, technologically advanced methods of art reproduction, dental humor, famous TV and cinematic cartoon characters and a very pronounced collectible displaying ability, all into one.
There have been many other artists (besides those associated with the cartoon studios) that have created dental related works. The artworks of Warhol, Goddard, Dali and Falbo, for example and just to name a few, are all prominent today and all have very interesting digressions from the 60 cartoon pieces. Interesting too, are collectible prints made from illustration artworks like Herman and Parisi who created dental art in comic strip style.
Charles Fazzino has really taken collecting dental art to the limit with his unbelievable 19 works of limited edition dental art to date. Fazzino has not only made his dental art three dimensional and ornate, but in some cases has combined in the traditional comic strip illustration, and in other cases features Warner Brothers or Disney Characters. Rizzi and Suchy are examples of two more artists that have created three dimensional dental art collectibles. Three other prominent studio artists are Hanna-Barbera’s Bob Singer and Warner Brothers studio artists Juan Ortiz and Kirk Mueller.

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