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Does Natural Teeth Whitening Really Work?

All the food and drink that enters our mouths will impact the color of our teeth. From coffee to wine to fruit, over time they can all leave a stain. Being uncomfortable with your smile can lead to awkward social and professional encounters. For most people, having a bright smile is important. This is why so many people whiten their teeth on a regular basis. However, the cost or other disadvantages that come from bleaching keep some people from working on their smile. Tooth and gum sensitivity is a common problem faced when using tooth whitening products. So, how do you get back to your pearly whites without causing discomfort? Natural teeth whitening remedies is the best way to go. But, which ones really work?
Combating the effects of caffeine, nicotine and other stains on our teeth can be an ongoing battle, so finding a variety of natural teeth whitening remedies is key in keeping a beautiful smile.
Most Popular Natural Teeth Whitening Remedies
– Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide paste brushed on and rinsed off makes teeth bright. Hydrogen peroxide is not only effective and affordable, but is one of the main agents used in commercially available whitening strips.
– Bicarbonate of soda used 5 minutes before brushing
– Making a paste of mashed strawberries and rubbing them on the teeth has can be quite effective in whitening
– Lemon juice is also quite effective
– Using apple cider vinegar to brush once a day is a popular alternative to many of the more harsh tooth whitening agents
– A homemade whitening “tray” can be made by spreading a paste of toothpaste and baking soda on foil Dental Care Delivery Definition or plastic wrap and placing on teeth for an hour, once or twice a week, and brushing after.
– Rubbing an orange peel over the white areas has been known to make them whiter also.
– Eating the more crunchy vegetables such as carrots and celery will scrub away debris and stain.
Precautions of Some Remedies
As with all things, care should be taken when using any home remedy. The over the counter products have also been known to cause serious damage to the enamel of the tooth. These products should definitely be used with restraint. Using wood ash from a fireplace is a popular solution often found online. However, it is also potentially one of the most harmful. Wood ash should only be used infrequently as it contains a small amount of lye. Lemons and strawberries alike are high in acid and will actually weaken your tooth enamel. Additionally, different tooth whitening remedies may work better for different stains, so knowing several solutions may help in whitening harder stains.
Natural Teeth Whitening Products Available Commercially
There are many natural tooth whitening products available on the market. Many of the more effective ingredients may be more challenging to find for an average consumer. Many of them will use bamboo Best Mouthwash For Whitening powder whose effects have stood up over time. The commercially available natural solutions also save time for the consumer, are available and ready to use. Many find they are also affordable.
Any tooth whitening product, over the counter traditional or natural or natural tooth whitening home remedies should be used with caution.