The Most Common Dental Procedures To Be Used By Cosmetic Dentists

With more and more people willing to spend money for getting the perfect smile, the demand for cosmetic dentistry is on the rise. You may not have a beautiful smile since birth, but a few sessions at the dentist’s and you can improve your smile manifold. A few restorative procedures can correct your smile and bring back your confidence. The type of dentistry that you require is better determined by experienced dentists. Therefore, when you begin to feel that you need some professional help for fixing dental disorders or poorly aligned teeth – you should always visit a reputed dentist practicing in your region. When it comes to dentistry, there are quite a few choices available. Following are some of the commonest dental therapies that are used by a dentist:
1. Teeth whitening: Has your teeth turned yellowish? Then, you might need to bleach your teeth to bring back the whiteness. Tooth bleaching is a procedure that is undertaken to remove discoloration and staining. How Much Does A Dental Exam Cost In Ontario However, you need to remember that not all types of teeth are suitable for bleaching. It is therefore necessary to get your teeth and gums checked by a medical practitioner before opting for such procedures.
2. Veneers – Teeth veneers are thin shells made out of porcelain or any composite material that dentists use for dental cosmetology. Veneers are used as a front-covering for the teeth and are cemented on the visible part of a crooked tooth, discolored or stained teeth, and also to fill spaces between two teeth.
3. Implants – Implants are shaped like original teeth and are fitted surgically to the jawbone for replacing the missing teeth.
4. Crowns – These are also referred as ‘caps’. These are custom-made and fit over your whole set of teeth, pretty nicely. Crowns are made by fusing acrylic or porcelain with metal, and can withstand the biting pressure rather effectively. If you have badly decayed teeth (that cannot be removed immediately) or broken or chipped teeth – crows would work fine to hide these imperfections.
5. Bonding – This is a procedure that is often used by a dentist to treat stained teeth. Best Dental Hospitals Unlike veneers and crowns, in this process a colored material is adhered to the teeth.
So, now you have a basic idea about the various dental therapies that are generally used by dentists throughout the world. Which procedure do you think would be the best for you? Thinking about consulting reputed dentists? Lexington based H. David O’Donnell DMD Family Dentistry can offer great cosmetic dentistry solutions at reasonable charges!

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