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You and Your Teeth – The Simple Facts

Let’s cut to the chase.
I could explain in detail why the following facts are true, but instead of creating War and Peace for your teeth, let’s just keep it simple.
Tooth decay is a living, breathing disease that only gets worse. Like termites, it has to be removed and it has to be removed right now. The longer you wait, the more of your “house” is destroyed. It doesn’t just go away. It doesn’t get better on its own.
Then, once ALL of the disease (also known as: tooth decay and cavities) is gone, you simply have to visit the dentist at least twice a year to get your teeth professionally cleaned and have the dentist keep an eye on you to spot and handle any new decay if it shows up.
That really is all there is to it.
You want all the explanations and reasons why? By all means, ask your dentist. But it all boils down to 1) get rid of the disease and 2) keep your teeth clean and disease free from here on out.
The old “watch and wait” attitude is dying a slow and agonizing death. Progressive patients are learning that the old silver/mercury fillings that were once the height of technology demanded a large hole in the tooth to support the filling. Hence, watch and wait until the tooth is very decayed before filling it.
To further complicate the dentist’s job, the widespread use of Fluoride has strengthened the outer layer of the tooth so much that cavities can develop underneath the surface without any obvious indication on the surface.
Luckily, progressive dentists have technology, such as lasers and intraoral cameras, to detect these hidden cavities.
“Watch and Wait” is prehistoric dentistry. If you had a festering boil on your arm, would you watch it and wait to see what happened? You might be surprised to discover just how apropos this analogy is to what is happening in your mouth right now.
Get rid of ALL of the disease now. Then visit your dentist Dentist In Buckhead at least twice a year to prevent re-infection.
That’s all there is to it.
Yes, I admit this recommendation is very simplistic. It will not apply to 100% of the people on 100% of the inhabitable land masses on the planet. But my purpose is simply to Dental Caries Ppt cut through all of the confusions and justifications and get this result: You, the reader, free from dental disease and unlikely to become severely re-infected ever again.
That would be wonderful.
Dr. Edilia