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Natural Tooth Care – Safe Ways to Care For Your Teeth

Natural Tooth Care
When you are brushing your teeth, gargling, or soothing a tooth ache, what are you really putting in your mouth? Even outside the controversy of fluoride, which would be a whole article to itself, there are still many other chemicals that Black Spot On Teeth How To Remove could negatively affect your health. Substances such as triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate, and many others have been shown in studies to have negative health issues that could be avoided by choosing other natural ways to do the same job.
Replace Your Mouthwash
No one wants bad breath, and so we have gotten in the habit of using various mouthwashes, many of which are very harmful if swallowed. So why would you put it into your mouth? The first natural line of defense when dealing with bad breath it to simply scrape your tongue. You can get tongue scrapers at any drug store and by using them a few times a day you can remove countless bacteria that encourage bad breath. A product you probably have in your cupboard and has amazing properties in natural remedies is apple cider vinegar. Mix it with a little water and use like a mouthwash except you can actually swallow it! This will lower the pH balance in your mouth which kills the harder to reach bacteria that your scraping did not get.
Replace Your Toothpaste
There are many new natural toothpastes on the market now. Some are made with tea tree oil, sea weed extracts, and many other great ingredients. The downside to these are they are extremely expensive. But there is a cheaper way to go and still get some of the same benefits. Of course we are talking about simple baking soda. Baking soda is abrasive enough to clean your teeth without damaging them and also has natural deodorizing properties. Just take a wet toothbrush and put a little powder on and away you go. Let’s also not forget another very important and natural way to keep your teeth and gums clean. Floss your teeth. Not only will this save your teeth from getting cavities, it’s also very cheap and lasts a very long time. It also makes your dentist very happy!
Replace Your Toothache Gel
Tooth pain is often some of the worst pain people go through in life. There are many gels on the market that provide temporary relief but you are only suppose to use them every so often, they taste terrible, and are quite expensive. The next time you or a loved one gets a tooth ache or has aching gums try having them rinse with salt water. Salt water naturally relieves pain as well as kills harmful bacteria. Ice can also relieve tooth pain, both on the inside applied to your gums or directly on your jaw where the pain is radiating from.
These natural products are simple but effective. You are also likely to have them already which saves you money. People having been using these techniques for many years, long before we had bubblegum flavored Best Dental Websites Uk toothpaste and glitzy mouth care advertising. And this is just the start. You can find simple, natural products for every area of your life, it just takes a little bit of research and a willingness to change.