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Understanding Tooth Erosion and How to Prevent It

Tooth erosion is a problem which many people suffer from. This is something which is very common among children, but which can affect people of any age. Tooth erosion can be called a number of other things as well, and your Palatine dentist might call it Acid erosion or dental erosion instead of tooth erosion. The condition is in essence the creation of a situation where the enamel of the tooth is beginning to be worn away. This is a situation where the enamel is worn away by factors that do not include bacterial degradation of the enamel.
The primary cause of tooth erosion is drinks which are acidic. The acid in those drinks begins to eat away at the tooth’s enamel which can expose the dentin which lies underneath. There are a number of different drinks which are acidic and which can be held responsible Poor Dental Hygiene Symptoms for this type of problem. Colas are one of the worst culprits, as they are extremely highly acidic. Fruit juices are another cause of this condition as it affects children, probably because children are given them so often because of their perceived healthiness.
Although external factors are the most common causes of tooth erosion, there is also a condition which is known as intrinsic tooth erosion. This is something which happens when an excess of gastric acid is contacting the teeth. This can happen from people that suffer from diseases like acid reflux disease, or bulimia which might cause more stomach acid than normal to be in the mouth. nnWhen this condition occurs, there are symptoms Food For Strong Teeth And Gums which can be noticed by either the patient or the dentist. Color change is one of the first signs of this condition appearing. There are two color changes which are associated with erosion. The first is when the canine teeth begin to appear translucent on their cutting edge, and the other is when the teeth in general begin to show yellow dentin through the enamel. Other signs which may appear include the rounding of the teeth.
When tooth erosion occurs, usually the treatment method involves identifying what the cause of the condition is. That way, treatment of the condition becomes the focus, such as lifestyle adjustments which would remove the offending beverage which is causing the erosion, or treating the condition which might be introducing stomach acid into the environment of the mouth. Sometimes a remineralizing agent or a varnish might be used to treat the affected teeth.