Smile make-over is the overall process of improving your facial appearance, especially your smile through series of dental procedures. Some of the factors to which your dentists will take into consideration before proceeding with any of these dental procedures are listed below:
Tooth Length
The longer your tooth is then the better your smile will be. Long teeth are seen by many as a characteristic of a perfect smile. It adds youthful appearance to the face and a positive aura to anyone who gazes at you. Some of the dental procedures associated with tooth lengthening include porcelain veneers, composite bonding and laser dentistry with the gum lines. At times, some dentists may suggest that the patient consider crown lengthening especially is the teeth are already too short. Patients who have weight problems also prefer this dental treatment because it makes them look slimmer.
Smile Line
The ideal smile line follows a proportional curve on both the upper and lower lip each time a person smiles. Only a few persons are blessed with this valuable asset so many patients approach their cosmetic dentists for assistance with regards to this matter.
Tooth Proportions
A pleasing smile is mainly composed of the two central front teeth’s exposure of a width to length ratio of four is to Causes Of Teeth Problems five. This according to smile experts serves as the perfect guide for the achievement of balance in a person’s smile.
Tooth Texture and How To Get Celebrity White Teeth Characterization
The ultimate challenge for cosmetic dentists is to provide their clients with a performing smile which will be worth the envy of anyone. These dentists carefully study the over-all appearance of a person for them to achieve both functionality and aesthetics in their craft. Most cosmetic dentists are well trained experts that can easily transform your smile to either a more masculine or more feminine appearance depending on your preferences. After undergoing several dental appointments and treatments with your dentists, you yourself will be amazed with how much improvement your smile has transformed.