Teeth Whitening Techniques and Tips on Keeping Teeth White

We have all looked at people with shining white teeth and wondered how they got to be that way. Traditionally, your dentist provided you with a gel to spread on a mouth implant and you used this over a period of time to give you a white smile. However, this method is now very out of date, with the very latest in teeth whitening technology now available. We are talking about laser teeth whitening treatment.
In this era of the need for instant gratification in everything, we are very fortunate that our dental fraternity has come up with this amazing new technology which can see you with gleaming white teeth within Oral Health America an hour. Just book into your nearest dental practitioner offering teeth whitening solutions and for a very affordable amount, you can indulge in what was once perceived to be a very luxurious experience.
Most dental practices today boast state-of-the-art medical and dental equipment so you can feel completely safe with their highly trained and registered dentists and dental therapists. Laser whitening systems use a beam of high intensity blue halogen light which is filtered through over 13,000 optical fibres. Dental Clinic Products This light is filtered through two optical lenses which have over 30 layers of coated optical glass. Harmful ultra violet light is completely removed from the filtering system leaving a cold light which penetrates into the teeth, enabling oxidation to occur without any of the harmful side effects.
Now that you have your fabulous white teeth, you need to keep them that way. Some tips on keeping your ‘pearlies’ white. Most dentists will recommend that you follow up your laser whitening treatment by using a take home kit. This is a single one-hour treatment per month for maintenance of the whitening results. Add to this regular visits to your dentist and dental hygienist and regular flossing and brushing of your teeth and you should keep your teeth looking and feeling great.
Unfortunately smoking in particular, but also drinking coffee will affect your teeth in a very negative way, leaving them badly stained and probably no amount of teeth whitening processes will be able to repair the damage. A little attention and care towards your teeth can give you a happy white smile. You need to start looking after your teeth at an early age, establish daily dental and hygiene routines and you will be rewarded with healthy teeth and a wonderful gleaming smile.

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