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Getting The Proper Nutrition For A Healthy Pregnancy

Getting The Proper Nutrition For A Healthy Pregnancy

Some expectant mothers are under the impression that just because they are eating for two, they have full rights to eat whatever they want, whenever they want. They could not be more wrong as eating for two does not mean stuffing yourself indiscriminately with goodies, just because your baby needs all that extra nutrition. You are definitely going to be surprised to know that your diet plan just needs an addition of around three-hundred to four-hundred more calories to have a healthy, bouncing baby.

You may ask yourself, “What consists of a healthy diet?” You may especially wonder this when you have a tendency to cheat on that extra helping of doughnuts and cream filled desserts. First of all, a really good dietician is going to give you the best advice on healthy eating. He is also going to make sure that you eat a regulated diet, during the different terms of your pregnancy, so that you and your baby stay healthy.

Gaining weight is definitely going to be an issue, especially during the last trimester, when you eat and eat. Unfortunately, there is absolutely no way in which you can do anything about gaining weight; it is just nature’s way of preparing your body for an eventual delivery. When your body is ready for delivery, the body weight will increase due to the increase in blood supply and volume and the milk in your breasts. You are also carrying a full-term baby along with its amniotic fluid. So, make sure that your healthy diet is supplemented with lots of fruit, vegetables, beans, meat and other protein matter.

More meat and legumes is going to mean a healthier baby in the long run. Dairy products like yogurt, milk, cabbage, eggs, and fish are good for you and your baby and need to be part of your daily diet. Green vegetables with higher quantities of iron and citric fruit full of Vitamin C should be eaten at least twice a day. Healthy eating take some doing, but it is going to give you long lasting results in the long run, with a healthy baby and a healthier you!

Now, what is a healthy diet going to consist of? Initially, there are some foods which are necessary for the growth of your baby. On the other hand, there are still other foods which should be avoided like the plague. Vitamin B supplements and folic acid are needed to reduce the chance of genetic disorders, like Spina Bifida. Foods rich in minerals like iron, calcium, and zinc, need to be taken in proper, balanced doses. However, your doctor may possibly recommend that you do not take Vitamin A, a number of cheeses and seafood, like oysters, marlin, et cetera, because they may harm the development of the fetus.

An expectant mother should avoid alcohol and tobacco as much as possible. Do not get obsessed with your weight. You are going to gain weight naturally, during the different stages of your pregnancy. This weight gain is necessary for the proper growth and development of your baby. Therefore, while a weight gain of about twenty-two to thirty pounds during pregnancy is realistic, an excess gain could be harmful for you and your baby. So, seek the advice of the doctor for the best and most suitable diet plan!