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Do You Need Teeth Whitening? Here Are A Few Things To Consider

I’ve recently had a personal experience with teeth whitening. London is full of dentists offering the service, and so I’ve been considering taking the plunge. As part of my experience, I’d like you to try something.
Whether or not you happen to be seriously considering the idea of teeth whitening, just try a little experiment for me. It won’t take a minute, I promise. All you need is a sheet of paper and a mirror.
Right, go to the mirror and smile. No, seriously just smile at yourself in the mirror – no one’s looking. Okay, now you know how beautiful your teeth are, do you really need teeth whitening? Aren’t your pearly whites just sparkling, as always?
After all, you brush your teeth three times a day, you floss and you use mouthwash. Surely teeth whitening is for those people with discoloured teeth or stained teeth, perhaps who don’t brush as often as they should and think that flossing is something you might do when tiling.
Right, that’s why you have the sheet of paper with you, so hold it up against your teeth. The sheet of paper is white – you know it is. You thought your teeth were white, but it’s only when you place the two side by side that you realise just how stained and discoloured your teeth really are.
Of course, if you can’t tell the difference between the sheet of paper and your teeth then either you’ve just had a teeth whitening, in London like me, or perhaps elsewhere, or you eat an astonishingly healthy diet consisting mostly of white or pale coloured foods, as well as brushing your teeth about as often as most people blink.
So now that you have probably had something of a shock, and are perhaps feeling slightly resentful of me for spoiling your day and causing your confidence to crash through the floor, what’s the cause of this staining?
The answer is that staining of teeth is not anyone’s fault. So many reasonably innocuous items that we consume each day result in staining. Not staining that you can see building up on a day to day basis. That’s the problem, the kind of staining caused by the food and drink we consume each day builds up incredibly gradually taking many years before we’ve even really noticed the difference, and even then it often takes a sheet of paper held up against our grimaces before we really appreciate the difference.
Items such as tea and coffee, coloured squash, curries and chocolate are all prime examples of items which can cause teeth to stain. It doesn’t even take very much each day – certainly not enough for you to be concerned. But gradually, day by day tiny almost imperceptible changes occur which cause your teeth to lose their pearly whiteness. Fortunately there is something you can do about it.
In fact, there are three things you can do about it. The first is to have all your teeth removed. By Oral Hygiene Instructions having your teeth taken out you need never worry again about having stained or discoloured teeth.
Of course, you may find eating an apple or a steak is a little bit difficult, but looking on the bright side there is an amazing range of straws available these days.
The second possible choice you have is to quit eating anything other than water, white apples, cauliflower and anything else that’s completely absent of colour. This is an all-white diet, but it’s probably far from all right. However, it is nonetheless, a possible solution.
The third alternative is of course to take advantage of teeth whitening in London, or whatever city happens to be near you that offers a wide choice of dentists offering the treatment.
This painless and easy treatment involves you lying back, watching a DVD or the television whilst your teeth soak in a gelatine material and enjoy a sunbathe in UV light. This combination results in an astonishing transformation, and all in about the same amount of time it normally takes for you to eat your lunch.
You walk into a dentist in London with pearly browns, and walk out about half an hour later with pearly whites. It is so quick and easy, and completely painless, that you won’t have any worries about continuing to enjoy your tea, coffee, curry and chocolate days, knowing that all Dentist Working Conditions you need is a piece of paper to check when you need to go again, and sit back and let teeth whitening keep you in sparking condition, ready to dazzle anybody you happen to smile at – and you may well find you’re doing that much more often, knowing just how good it has become!