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Dental Care – The Secret To Healthy Teeth and Gums

We all want healthy teeth and sweet smelling breath. So how do we get there without it being a pain and with expensive dental bills?
Do you know when something is wrong?
For self-confidence, pain-free and a general feeling of good health it is amazing how much your teeth affect your state of mind. You know when things are really bad and you are running to your emergency dental doctor… But what about the times when you are not feeling as good as maybe you should be. Are you aware of when something is wrong with your teeth? Are you taking the easy steps to create a healthy set of teeth and a healthy way of life?
Before I tell you how to keep dental problems at bay let me tell you how to recognize when you are starting to have them, or already have these problems, and why they are there.
The Symptoms
Toothpaste Turning Pink when you Brush Your Teeth – unlike my grandmother who told me that pink in the toothpaste means I’m brushing my teeth properly – actually it means that there is a problem.
Bad Breath – YOU know when you have bad breath… but sometimes it’s embarrassing… especially when it’s your 4 year old telling you your breath smells when you are putting them to bed.
Bad Taste In Your Mouth – I’m talking about all the time… when you stop to think about it how does your mouth feel to you?
Swelling and Redness in Your Gums – It hurts when you touch these places and it shouldn’t if your teeth are healthy.
Loose Teeth – We should all have our second set of teeth and they shouldn’t be loose, when they are getting loose they are trying to tell you something.
The Causes Oral Health Foundation News
So here come the big medical words. Gum disease which causes these symptoms is either ‘gingivitis’ or ‘periodontitis’. One follows the other but they both mean infection of your teeth, gums and pain. It is all about this sneaky disease getting in your gums and you not noticing for a while.
When you start to feel the pain your well on your way to some serious gum disease, bad breath and a definite bad taste in your mouth.
You get these two when you don’t clean your teeth every day and food gets stuck in-between your teeth. This food can be a big problem. The rotten bits of food cause a bad smell in your mouth and help the bacteria grow. Not only does it cause your tooth to decay but also your gums.
3 Easy Habits
We all know that we should be cleaning our teeth twice a day… but you know there is a little bit more you could know that would make a big difference to your dental health.
Create the following 3 easy habits and your will minimize your pain, cost of going to the dentist and increase your general well-being.
Do you know that it takes 21 days to create a habit? So once you do this for 21 days you will do it without thinking… just watch how things improve for you and your family’s teeth.
Habit 1 – Clean Your Teeth AT LEAST Twice a Day for AT LEAST 2 minutes
It’s a long time to be standing by the sink but I bet you don’t do it for this length of time. By increasing the time of your brushing the effectiveness goes up by 50%… what is 2 minutes out of your morning… you are already at the sink putting the toothpaste on… just stay there a little longer and start feeling the benefits.
Habit 2 – Clean Between Your Teeth
Most people clean their teeth but not IN BETWEEN their teeth. Floss between your teeth too. This is where the food gets stuck. Get rid of that and you’re not letting those sneaky diseases getting started in your mouth. Get rid of that food stuck in your teeth and you will have immediate better breath.
Habit 3 – See a Dentist Twice a Year
If you go into a dental surgery they will clean your teeth for you and make sure everything is ok. The time and expense you Dental Tips And Tricks will save your self is incomparable to serious dental problems. I want you to have teeth you are proud to smile with.
So that’s it. The easy 1,2,3… Oh yeah I wouldn’t be a friend if I didn’t also advise you on cutting down on the sugary foods and drinks… but I know you already know that.