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Why Are Dental Extractions Needed?

Dental extraction is the process of removing a tooth (or teeth) from the mouth. Various reasons such as problematic wisdom teeth, decayed teeth, or having a tooth that is beyond restoration can be the primary reasons for doing so. Extractions are also done in preparation for some orthodontic treatments.
Why are dental extractions needed by patients? Severe tooth decay and other oral diseases can be a reason, as mentioned earlier. Dental extraction is the best immediate solution to preventing the disease or infection from spreading. The same is true for gum diseases that could affect the way the gum tissues are attached to the tooth.
Dental extractions may also be required for giving space to a growing tooth if another is blocking its way. A wisdom tooth that has insufficient space to grow on is one example for this situation. This causes impaction of the tooth and is Tooth Cavity Filling called an impacted third molar. Any problematic teeth needs to be remove when being prepared for an orthodontic treatment such as attachment of dental braces. Lost teeth after extraction may be replaced with implants to fill the gap.
Surgical extraction and simple extraction are two types of extraction. For simple extraction, a dental elevator, forceps or any other tool for grasping the tooth, as well as local anesthetic, are the only materials required to perform the procedure. The tooth is loosened by rocking it back and forth with those materials. Visible teeth are easier to Unhealthy Teeth remove with this method. On the other hand, more complex tool like drills and other devices used for cutting and breaking the tooth are required for surgical extractions. The process is usually done for teeth that are not easily accessible such as an impacted tooth and may require the tooth to be broken into different pieces for easier extraction.