What Is an Exceptional Dental Office?

When it comes to patient safety not all dental offices maintain the same standard, in fact I find the majority of dental offices I come into contact with for the first time meet government standards which happen to be the very minimum. However once I introduce the ideology of “Patient Compliant” and the methodology for achieving “Excellence in Patient Safety and Infection Control” most offices rise to the challenge.
What is Patient Compliant?
Establishing and maintaining a patient safety standard that far exceeds government standards. Many whom embrace mediocrity will think it is unnecessary and is “overkill”. To others patient and staff safety is paramount and not an option.
What is Excellence in Patient Safety and Infection Control?
Commitment to Patient Compliant – The standard of the office must be to deliver to every patient the highest quality of care at the highest level of safety no matter what it takes or no matter what the cost. This means surpassing the requirements that are set by government agencies like Consumer Affairs, Dental Board, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Department of Health Services and OSHA. The attitude of the staff is to keep moving the bar higher and never, never, never settle for less!
Commitment to Excellence – It means that every member of the staff fosters a burning desire to add value in everything they do and focus only on results. Dental Survey Questionnaire They have the willingness to become experts in the prevention of cross contamination and accept that their success is their responsibility.
Commitment to Dentistry – Make no mistake, Dentistry is hardcore healthcare and with potential exposure to diseases like Hepatitis, Tuberculosis, Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus and H1N1 Flu just to name a few, there is no room for amateurs. Today Dental Professionals must know more in order to do more therefore are committed to ongoing education and skill development. They recognize that they must invest in themselves in order to help others. They are in it not for the money but for the people they serve.
Exceptional Dental Offices are real – Keep this in mind – I have work with the staff of these offices side-by-side to bring them to a level far above government regulations and requirements. I personally witness the staff”s hard work and solid dedication to being Patient Compliant. When it comes to patient and Rare Tooth Disorders employee safety I cut no slack, in my mind you either make it or you don’t, therefore the offices I call an “Exceptional Dental Office” are the offices where I myself would go to and get dental care. Make no mistake these offices are real and only 2% of dental offices I come in contact with make the list!

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