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Vaccine Dangers – Know Before You Decide, You Do Have a Choice

Vaccine Dangers – Know Before You Decide, You Do Have a Choice

Are you afraid of any vaccine danger that may cause some bad effects in your children? Beware, all of the vaccines available may have significant harmful outcomes. Don’t be so quick to jump on the bandwagon when it come to your child’s health!

Reactions to receiving vaccinations can be either immediate or delayed. Some reactions that occur immediately after being given include minor to severe fevers and allergic reactions to paralysis and death.

When a bad effect or reaction has not occurred immediately, don’t be fooled. A delayed reaction may still be imminent. These delayed reactions may include epilepsy and learning disabilities to autism.

You may have heard that the vaccine dangers are caused by the bacterial or viral toxins that are part of what is supposed to create an immunity to a disease. Or that the chemicals included with these toxins are mercury and formaldehyde, among other dangerous materials.

I don’t know about you, but I am not going to put these horrible things into my children in hopes that they won’t catch some horrible disease. Isn’t that why we have immune systems? Barring some naturally occurring malfunction, I have to believe the human body is capable of defending itself against disease.

So you have to ask yourself, do I inject poison into the body as a preventative measure against some disease that is all but non-existent? And with the latest flu scares, do I want to subject the body to some untested strain of vaccine that may cause more harm than good?

Remember that physicians are not always going to be upfront with the downsides to vaccination. Perhaps because they don’t want to think they are being harmful since their goal is to help and heal.

And keep in mind, physicians get their information from pharmaceutical and vaccine companies that reassure the reactions that parents claim from vaccination cannot possibly be related to each other.

If you are scared to death over giving your children vaccines, then learn how to avoid these vaccine dangers. You have choices. Don’t let the powers-that-be coerce you into believing you don’t.

I believe it was in 1974 or 1975 that the Japanese government changed their policy on infant vaccination to not recommending a child be vaccinated until he was two years old. This was because of the death of two children after a pertussis vaccination. Not that I would want to vaccinate my child when he is two years old either, but the government must have known the dangers to change their policy.

Note that when the United States public wanted to protest against vaccination in the early 1900s, it was declared a law to vaccinate under the guise of ‘for the good of the people.” Government was making, and continues to make, our choice for us!

So now you have to fear having your children taken away by the state if you refuse to vaccinate! They claim neglect. Absurd. With all the vaccine dangers, you would be wise to do whatever it takes to have them avoided.