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Regular Toothpaste Contains Toxins

Oral care is the cause of many diseases and illnesses, as poor oral care gives viruses direct access to the body. Proper oral hygiene is not only important for one’s appearance, but also for ones physical health. Simply brushing ones teeth with regular toothpaste twice a day will not suffice.
Commercial toothpastes and grocery store name brands may actually do more harm than good. While these toothpastes may appear to clean teeth and improve bad breath, most toothpastes and oral care products are filled with harmful chemicals and substances that are known to cause cancer and can be potentially toxic.
The most common chemical ingredient among grocery store brand toothpastes is fluoride. Every scientist agrees that fluoride is toxic when consumed in large quantities and can cause brittle Can Infected Tooth Cause Skin Problems bones and teeth over time. Most consumers are unaware of the long term affects of their commercial toothpaste, but do not know where else to obtain good quality oral health products.
In addition to forming brittle bones and teeth, fluoride is actually considered a toxic substance. Warning signs must now be placed on all toothpaste containers which contain fluoride, as mandated by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
Fluoride is toxic for adults when the amount is over 1000 ppm or 500 ppm for children. A shocking fact is that most grocery store toothpaste brands have a formula which contains 0.15% w/v fluoride ion. Most oral care companies are not concerned How To Brush Your Teeth Properly Step By Step with their consumer’s health, as these same brands have a warning label cautioning them to “keep out of reach of children.” Despite this mandated warning label, they actually target small children by using cartoon characters on their products!
Every mouth has bacteria living in it and it is not possible to rid oneself completely of these micro-organisms. Each of these bacteria produces a sticky substance which allows them to attach to the surface of the teeth, and once they have attached they multiply. Until they are brushed away, the bacteria forms microscopic colonies and continues to grow and lay down what is called a biofilm. Biofilm is also known as plaque and if it is never removed it can absorb the minerals in saliva and will calcify into a hard substance called tartar. It is important to remove these bacteria before they have a chance to form microscopic colonies, however most consumers choose grocery store brand toothpastes containing fluoride which also weakens the teeth.
A healthy, reputable alternative to traditional oral care brands is a company called Trivani International. Trivani offers an oral care product called Trivanis Cleansing Toothgel which contains no harmful ingredients, and does not contain fluoride. Xylitol is a key ingredient in Trivani’s Toothgel product, as it is a natural ingredient typically derived from corn. It helps to remove plaque and prevent plaque build-up. Zinc citrate is another naturally occurring mineral and important ingredient which intentionally interferes with the calcification of plaque into tartar. These two key ingredients replace fluoride and are a healthy alternative and create a more efficient product.