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Comparing New Whitening Treatment to Other Methods

Everybody wants a whiter, brighter smile. But, be it cigarettes, tobacco, soda pop, wine, tetracycline staining, or simply aging, people wind up with lackluster smiles. That’s why so many people turn to at-home whitening systems or professional whitening from their hygienist or dentist.
Though many people have been unsuccessful in their attempts to whiten their teeth with over-the-counter, “beauty salon type” bleaching systems, or even whitening in a dentist office, has recently incorporated a new patented, professional tooth whitening system that not only removes the most severe of stains, it is virtually pain free. Also, if patients have had severe gum or tooth sensitivity with other bleach systems, the KoR Evolve Bleaching System is the solution.
Dentists say that, either the teeth were not whitened from a poor whitening system or the patient experienced high sensitivity from the bleaching agents, which makes it very painful for bleaching treatment to continue in most cases.
Where other whiteners and bleaches have failed, however, the KoR Evolve Deep Bleaching System excels. There are several critical differences between the KoR system and other bleaching treatments. These are: quality and stability of the actual bleaches used, treatment supervision under a dentist’s care, control of tooth sensitivity, and the longevity of the bleaching results.
According to , the KoR system uses strong 9% to 27% hydrogen peroxide bleaching solutions that have been shipped and stored under strict climate conditions so the efficiency of the bleaching agents are maintained. This makes the KoR Deep Bleach process extremely effective and predictable.
Beyond preserving the strength of this patented peroxide bleach, the KoR Deep Bleach system involves two office Veneer Definition visits and home bleaching with precisely customized bleach trays, desensitizers, and prescription bleach.
Some studies shows that, this process is critical for the deep bleaching process that removes dark, deep stains and achieves whiter whites without added tooth or gum sensitivity.
Treatment Control
This treatment allows patients to undergo active whitening treatment for at least six hours a day, while they sleep, plus the conditioning and power bleaching appointments in the dental office. Other systems only allow for 30-60 minutes of bleaching effectiveness.
Dentists believe that, prolonged treatment conditions the teeth to better accept bleaching agents, and allows the deepest teeth stains to be fully removed by the prescription hydrogen peroxide bleaching gel. As long as patients follow their home bleaching instructions, the KoR system will provide the lightest bleaching results possible.”
When teeth are exposed to bleaching gels and ultraviolet rays during other whitening treatment, patients sometimes experience tooth sensitivity to temperature, pressure, and touch. Also, many patients whose gums aren’t fully covered during chairside bleaching can experience gum irritation from bleaching solvents or gels.
Whereas some of these bleaching systems will try to mask the pain with potassium nitrate, the KoR system uses two different sensitivity blockers to avoid these problems altogether. These two desensitizers block microscopic holes in the teeth (tubules) so that the bleaching agents can’t irritate the tooth and cause sensitivity. One desensitizer is used chairside during bleaching appointments, and the other desensitizer is used by the patient at home prior to using their customized bleach trays and prescription gel.
Some dentists say that, the dental community is very concerned with the safety of certain bleach systems. In addition, when people purchase over-the-counter products or have their teeth bleached by non-dental, un-licensed beauty salons or tanning companies, they are putting themselves at risk.
Statistics shows that consumers should be wary of who they are allowing to treat their mouths, where they receive their training, and what products they are using.
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With increased potency and longer whitening sessions, the KoR Deep Bleaching Whitening System not only provides white teeth, it also increases the tooth’s ability to be bleached effectively. Conditioning the teeth with special solutions allows the dark, stained teeth to accept the bleach and increase the effectiveness of the bleach.
Some dentists believe that, after the main treatment bleaching cycle is complete, patients will need to only perform at-home treatment once in a while. This is a vast improvement over other systems where treatment will start to fade over time.