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Nature Wanted Us to Be Healthy, Not to Be Fat

Nature Wanted Us to Be Healthy, Not to Be Fat

If you look at the ingredient list of the food you buy at the store you will notice it is packed with chemicals and preservatives, and all that just encourage your body to store fat. What is more interesting is that, if you think about it, nature did not intend us to eat that way. Does it have to be like that? Can we not find natural food any more in this world? Are we doomed?

I went to the garden yesterday and picked some cherry tomatoes, only the ones that were ripe, I ate one, and the juicy, sweet, tender, natural tomato, ohhh…I ate all the 10 tomatoes I had picked in the garden on my way to the kitchen. Sorry, could not resist the natural taste.

It takes a bit of work but if you dedicate yourself enough you will lose weight, and eat healthy.

Here are 7 tips to get you started on your healthy diet journey:

Grow your own vegetables. It does not have to be a big garden that will take all your time to look after. You can find vegetables that grow in pots and all you have to do is water them until they are ready to be eaten.

If you cannot grow your own at least find organic vegetables that will have all the nutrients in them and be free of chemicals.

Balanced diet. Eat a balanced diet. My acupuncturist once told me that humans can eat as much meet as they like as long as they have something green on their plate as well.

Plan your meals a week ahead. This is good for when you go to the grocery store you do not buy unnecessary food, you will only buy what you need, pay, go home, finish! It will also save you a heck of a lot of money.

Have a portion of carbohydrate, healthy fat and protein in every single meal. This way your body will get exactly what it needs in each and every meal, you will not feel hungry, you will not feel tired and you will be on your way to lose fat.

Stress will seriously jeopardize your efforts to lose weight and keep healthy. When we are stressed, several chemical processes happen inside our body that promote fat storage.

Eat 5-7 small meals throughout the day. Instead of having breakfast, lunch and dinner, try plan your meals over every 2-3 waking hours, this way you will never be so hungry and have to wait so long until your next meal.