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High Blood Pressure Healthy Diet and Medication

High Blood Pressure Healthy Diet and Medication

People facing the high blood pressure problem must give due attention to their diet as it is a fact that healthy diet has a strong effect on blood pressure and the heart. When a person starts taking healthy diet in his/her routine life, then it becomes easy to keep two blood pressure numbers i.e. systolic and diastolic under control.

Making changes in the diet is an important step for a person with hypertension because through such changes he/she could lower the pressure to the normal level.

Here are some friendly diet habits that one should follow for achieving the desired results in a short time span.

Avoid Alcohol:

A person with hypertension should try to avoid alcohol. It has been proved in many studies that constant consumption of alcohol is unhealthy and somewhat perilous for a person who is suffering from hypertension situation. Some studies also demonstrated that low intake of alcohol poses positive effect on heart and thereby it can lower the pressure of a person.

Reduce Salt Consumption:

The recommended part of healthy diet is to reduce salt consumption. According to some studies, too much salt eating is unhealthy for the heart and this habit can adversely affect the blood pressure.

Eat Low Fat Products:

A person with hypertension problems should not eat high amounts of saturated and trans-fats. It is a fact that high amounts of fat are bad for heart and blood vessels especially in the situation when the circulating system is under high pressure. Therefore, he/she should try to make the diet balance by combining small amount of saturated and trans-fats.

Although following a diet is beneficial for a person with hypertension, it is strongly recommended that one must go to physician to know about high blood pressure medication.

There are four stages of blood pressure depending on the risk factor; stage 1 is less risky, stage 2 is risky, stage 3 is more risky and stage 4 is extremely risky. Stage 4 of hypertension is considered dangerous because it is associated with many health problems such as kidney failure, heart failure, heart stroke etc. If a person wants to avoid any severe condition, then he/she must consult a doctor who prescribes the best high blood pressure medication after checking the stage of hypertension. In order to get good results a person should take the medicines – which are prescribed by a doctor – and also follow friendly diet habits.