Laser Teeth Bleaching – Will it Actually Work?

Everybody wants a whiter smile. There are many ways to accomplish this. Have you seen the enormous amount of whitening toothpastes and mouthwashes that are available these days? Then there are the whitening kits, strips and tray systems, for use at home. There even exists whitening chewing gum. Then there is the option of having your teeth bleached at the dentist who uses a laser.
Have you ever tried brushing really hard to get rid of those undesired stains? I know I did, and it didn’t work. The problem with these stains is that they are embedded in the tooth enamel, which is the thin film that covers your teeth. You cannot get in there with your toothbrush, unfortunately. It takes a little more than that.
Our tooth enamel has mineral structures in it that change over time. This is the result of wear and tear that takes place over the years. But the consumption of beverages such as red wine and coffee can accelerate this process. Smoking is also hazardous to white teeth.
Should you decide to visit a dentist to have him whiten your teeth for you, then he will do this by applying a gel to your teeth. The gel will contain carbamide peroxide, which will release Dental Success Stories hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide will quickly chemically react with your teeth as soon as it gets in contact with them. It penetrates the enamel and breaks down the stains.
So how exactly does the laser fit in? The laser is only used to accelerate the natural process of the hydrogen peroxide breaking Infection 3 Weeks After Wisdom Teeth Removal down the stains in your enamel. Thanks to the laser, the whole bleaching process can be accomplished in about an hour.
If you would’ve gotten an at home whitening kit, you would’ve also used hydrogen peroxide to bleach your teeth. But since you don’t have a laser such as the dentist does, it would’ve taken you at least a few weeks to accomplish the same results. If you would have a laser of your own, you could speed up the process by about a hundred times. But the laser may only be owned and used by trained, licensed professionals.
In terms of results, you have to be realistic in your expectations. A whitening treatment returns your teeth’s former whiteness to them. They will never become more white than they ever were. The hydrogen peroxide returns transparency to the enamel, but it doesn’t change the actual color of your teeth.
If you want the very best results and if you want them quick, then the dentist and his laser are the best option for you. Paying a visit to a whitening dentist is more expensive than purchasing whitening toothpastes or whitening kits. But with a professional treatment, you can rest assured that you are going to be seeing great results in only very little time.

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