Is A Partial Denture Right For You?

Partial dentures may be a more affordable alternative for some patient’s, depending on the teeth still remaining in the mouth. Partial dentures can be supported Veneers Teeth Meaning by teeth, tissue/teeth or implant/tissue. They can be made into fixed (partial restoration) or removable partial (removable partial) dentures.
The teeth remaining in your mouth will help determine if a fixed or removable partial is best for you. A fixed partial is attached by placing dental crowns over the existing Dentist Near Me With Prices teeth or under the gum with dental implants. Removable dental partials are held in place by clasps that fit around existing teeth or crowns and can be removed for cleaning.
Partial dentures can be constructed from various materials: full metal, metal/acrylic, full acrylic, as well as new flexible thermoplastic nylon material. The type of partial, fixed or removable, is one factor that determines the construction material. Removable partials can be made of any of the four materials. The flexible thermoplastic will give a patient the most comfort in a removable partial. The dental partial is designed to preserve the remaining teeth and composition of the mouth.
For those who are missing a few teeth, the partial denture may make speaking and eating easier. The partial denture can help maintain the shape of the face and prevent existing teeth from moving, which can cause a variety of problems such as TMJ, headaches and earaches.
While the fixed partial, or partial restoration, may look more like your real teeth, there are some things to consider. They are more expensive than removable partials and must be supported and cemented to healthy teeth near the site they are to be placed. Partial restorations are more difficult to clean than removable partials. Removable dental partials can be taken out and cleaned with greater ease and replaced in the mouth as needed.
“Partial dentures are the most popular product we offer today,” explained Rick Brewer, Certified Dental Technician and Lab Manager at Sun Dental Labs. “They are affordable, comfortable and easy to maintain – quite different than the full dentures of our parent’s generation.”
Whichever style is determined by you and your denturist as the best suited for your needs, a dental partial will add enjoyment to your life. It will be designed to match your remaining teeth in size, shape and color. A well designed/fitted partial denture will be comfortable and assist in maintaining your existing teeth.

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