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Info About the Oral B Triumph 9400

If an advanced toothbrush which delivers great results is what you are looking for, you are probably looking for an Oral B Triumph 9400. It is packed with lovely features and the superior quality that make oral b toothbrushes what they are.
The Triumph 9400 is loaded with some of my favourite features like the two minute timer and an LCD display which indicates the level of battery, brush status etc. A battery indicator is a very important feature in my opinion as the thing I hate the most is when a power brush runs outs of battery while you’re brushing.
The 9400 does not have a pressure sensor, but it makes up for that in so many other ways. The SmartPlug charger makes it absolutely Why Did You Become A Dentist perfect even for travel. The charging station houses a storage stand for oral b Triumph replacement brush heads.
It can’t really get more convenient than that now, can it? The batteries on this toothbrush are powerful enough and can last for up to two weeks between charges, when used for the prescribed two minute brush twice every day.
The brush has three different action modes. The sensitive mode is particularly useful for people who, like me, have sensitive teeth and gums that are prone to bleeding easily. The other two modes are cleaning mode, and polishing mode. Electric toothbrushes are known to be very effective in plaque removal and the Oral Triumph 9400 does not disappoint at all! The Oral B micropulse bristles can be felt to vibrate with over 40,000 pulses per minute; working on your teeth to give you a squeaky clean result.
The Smart Guide technology shows you battery levels, when it is time to change the brush head, and has another important feature, the two minute timer. The LCD panel has a vibrating indicator when 30 seconds are up, reminding How To Enjoy Brushing Your Teeth you to move to the next quadrant of the mouth. It is worth mentioning here, however, that the LCD screen on the side of the toothbrush is a slight problem as you can’t really see the side of a toothbrush while using it!
The Oral B Triumph 9400 affords very easy maintenance and cleaning. The brush head storage is conveniently designed and the base station of the toothbrush can be cleaned even in a dishwasher. An electric toothbrush will always be more expensive than a manual toothbrush, but for the amount of work a brush like the Triumph 9400 does for you, it is well worth it.