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How to Organise a Workplace Flu Vaccination

How to Organise a Workplace Flu Vaccination

As the flu vaccine becomes more and more popular, workplace vaccination drives are as well. Such events are in the best interest of the employer, as well as the employees, and can help keep flu outbreaks and sick days to a minimum. If you’ve been thinking about holding an event for your staff to receive flu vaccinations, there are a handful of very simple steps that you should keep in mind; they are outlined below for your convenience.

Steps To Organising A Flu Vaccination At Work

1. Choose A Program Manager – It’s a lot easier to plan, organise and run a successful workplace flu vaccination program when you have a single person who brings it all together. Appoint a member of your staff to perform this important duty, which will include promoting the program, finalising the number of people who will be participating, preparing adequate facilities and communicating with the flu vaccine company. In other words, the program manager will be the “go-to” person before, during and after the event.

2. Set A Program Date – Look over your calendar and select an appropriate date for the flu vaccination event. Make sure that it doesn’t conflict with any prior engagements, and that the vast majority of your employees will be available. As soon as a date is settled on, have the program manager make the appropriate arrangements.

3. Promote The Event – Your workplace flu vaccination event is only as successful as the number of people who actually attend it. Spread the word at the office about the importance of avoiding the flu; if possible, hand out pamphlets and/or brochures on the topic, or have them available in a prominent place. Send out emails, newsletters and other notifications about the specific date and time of the event. Put up posters reminding people about it, as well.

4. Finalise The Number Of Participants – To ensure that the vaccination company is adequately prepared, you will need to provide them with an estimate of the number of employees who will be participating in the program. Figure the number out and inform the company as soon as possible.

5. Prepare Your Facilities – Check with the flu vaccination company about their requirements in terms of facilities, then prepare the appropriate area well in advance. When the day rolls around, everything should be all ready to go.

6. Collect The Forms – Before any vaccinations can take place, you will need to provide the vaccination company with signed consent forms from all of the participants. Prior to the day of the event, round up all of those forms and double check that you have one from everybody.

7. Help Out – On the day of the vaccination event, be prepared to lend a hand in order to ensure that everything goes smoothly.