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Remove Green Vaccine To Make Your PC Secure

Remove Green Vaccine To Make Your PC Secure

What is Green Vaccine?

It is a rogue anti malware tool which secretly installed in the system whenever you visit any blocked or unauthorized sites. It appears like an anti malware tool but actually it corrupts the system badly. This threat enters the system with several other malware which terminates several processes and give rise to various annoying issues. This threat makes use of illegal tactics and convinces the user to purchase their fake license. It displays tons of errors or warnings which reflects that your system is unsafe and you must buy their software to protect your system. It can be said that it is totally scam and you should be alert of this threat while accessing the internet. And if somehow this threat gets entered in your system then you should remove Green vaccine quickly with the purpose of making your PC secure.

Behaviors of Green Vaccine:

This threat is very dangerous as it completely corrupts the system. The below mentioned are the harmful effects cause by this threat.

Hijack web browser

Displays numerous annoying pop ups

Change the system settings

Terminates several applications and processes

Degrades PC performance

Install additional malware programs

Automatically installed in the system without user’s permission

Creates various associated files like , , etc

Effective Tips to remove Green Vaccine:-

As it is very hazardous threat, so you should try to remove it at its first detection. And for this purpose you can follow the below mentioned manual steps:-

Use “Windows Task Manager” tool to remove executable processes related to Green vaccine like uninst_, , etc.

You will also have to delete all its registry entries which can be done by using Windows Registry editor

You will also have to delete all its files like LSP, EXE, and DLL etc.

But, performing manual steps might be risky as any mistake can cause system crash. In this case it is advisable to use recognized anti Spyware software. This software incredible removes all the virus and Trojan attacks and hence makes your system safe.

In order to increase the performance and speed of system you can also use PC maintenance tool. This software is based on strong algorithm which easily deletes the corrupted registry files, removes infected files and hence enhance PC performance.