People do not know the risks that are associated with gum disease and heart disease. Oral hygiene as well as gum disease, can be connected with heart disease and stroke. Gum disease is a problem not only by Americans but also of different races. All over the world, there is an enormous problem in oral health and dental condition. This is because many people are afraid to visit their dentist on a regular basis.
Many researchers were able to discover that people who have unhealthy dental regimen tend to have higher risks of getting gum diseases. Those people who have gum disease is more likely to suffer coronary artery disease. This occurs when there are Use It Or Lose It Dental Benefits Letter plaques, cholesterol or fat deposits, and other material is stored in the coronary artery. When the coronary artery is blocked, the amount of nutrients and oxygen that goes into the heart becomes limited, thus, there is improper heart function.
In this regard, it is extremely beneficial for us to have a regular dental check up with our dentist. When we are in the state of Utah, we can seek professional help from any Utah dental office. There are so many Utah dentists, Sandy UT dentist or dentist in Sandy UT who can help us maintain a healthy gums and teeth. Dentists allover the world are professionally trained to detect the early signs of heart disease and stroke. It is necessary that we maintain a regular dental checkup with them.
Another research has proven that the bacteria in gum disease can enter the blood stream and will connect to the stored fat or plaque in the coronary artery. The dentist will know that there is gum disease when the patient has bleeding gums. When you brush your teeth and you will see your gums bleeding, you need to consult your dentist immediately. Bacteria can go directly into the mouth and look for any passage way. Soon you will notice that there will be the presence of pus in the gums, this is brought by bacteria that infected the area.
If there are an inflamed gums, dentist associates it with the possible connection of an increased plaque or too much fat stored in the arterial area. Most gum disease is caused by Preventella Intermedia and Tannerella Forsynthesis. These two oral pathogens are proven to increase the risk of the patient to have a heart attack. In actuality, there had been a study made in the University of Buffalo in New York. A sample of dental plaque was collected and it was proven that an increase in oral bacteria also increases the odds of heart attack.
Those patients that have a heart problem must also have a regular check up with their dentist, and it must be done so often. Another disease cause by the presence of bacteria is the bacterial endocarditis. This infection affects the lining of the heart. Also, Periapical Abscess Slideshare during a dental procedure or treatment, Streptococcus Viridan can also enter the patient’s bloodstream and directly travel to their heart. When this happens, there will be the formation of blood clots that can reach the kidney, lungs and the brain.
There are so many ways on how we can avoid gum diseases. One easy way to prevent them is to have a regular checkup and examination with our trusted dentist. We can also prevent gum disease by simply brushing and making use of a dental floss at least two times a day. To prevent the occurrence of gum disease is better than visiting your dentist for cure. Do not forget the importance of regular dental check up for a healthy teeth and gums.