There are only very few of us who can say with certainty that we are completely fine with the way our teeth are. For a lot of us, there is something about our teeth that we wish we could set right. Sometimes it could be something small like an embarrassing layer of yellow, or some plaque that needs to be cleaned. It could also be something more substantial like misaligned teeth; teeth that are out of position. This takes a lot of technical skill to cure. Whatever the problem is, as long as it is something to do with teeth, we naturally turn to the dentist.
A dentist is basically someone who helps in the maintenance and upkeep of your teeth. There is so much more that goes into being a dentist, however, than meets the eye. It is not just about getting a degree from a dental college and then beginning practice. Studies show that more than sixty per cent of patients find going to the dentist more of a scare than visiting a doctor. This means that a dentist needs to have a group of skilled clinicians to ensure that procedures never go wrong, but along with that the dentist also needs to be reassuring and alleviate any apprehensions that a patient may have.
There are a number of dentists these days who have taken to improving teeth by using methods that are not obstructive to the natural beauty of the patient. For example, the traditional method of treating misaligned teeth has been to install teeth braces. Though this is effective, it is always a bit of a confidence inhibitor for the patients in question to have all those metal brackets and wires along their teeth. A new method has come up, that involves the use of clear, plastic aligners instead of metal brackets. These are nearly invisible, and at the same time as effective as the old school braces. This product is called Invisalign in the market.
These dentists who like to keep an eye on aesthetics while at the same time effecting a cure, are coming to be known as cosmetic dentists. They have a number of other tricks up their sleeve, Invisalign aside. For example, they have the Antibiotics After Crown option of attaching veneers to your teeth. Veneers are extremely thin porcelain caps, that will be coated onto your teeth. Porcelain veneers will give your teeth shiny finesse, and restore the confidence to your smile in an instant.
Then there are the more complex procedures like a root canal. Sometimes, owing to negligence or a sweet tooth, a persons tooth may become severely infected, or it may decay. In such a case, an extremely delicate operation is performed, wherein the pulp or center of the tooth is removed, the tooth is cleaned and then a filling is placed where Tooth Decay In Children the pulp used to natural cavity that is formed at the center of the tooth is called the ‘root canal’, and this is how the procedure gets its name. There are a host of other services that the right dentist will provide, like working with crowns and bridges, sleep apnea, teeth whitening, dental implants and special child care services.