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Discover How to Eat a Healthier Diet to Shed Weight Quickly

Discover How to Eat a Healthier Diet to Shed Weight Quickly

Eating a healthier diet is of paramount importance in the bid to burn body fat quickly. Likewise exercising to shed weight is also important but if you are really interested in seeking a permanent solution to obesity and how to burn fat quickly, then eating a healthy diet is top priority. Our objective here is therefore on how to ensure that you make healthy changes in what you consume into your body daily and how to make it count.

Ensure that you combine a high quality protein source with each meal and snack that you consume. For example, the high quality protein from grass fed meat (e.g. goat meat), grass fed dairy (e.g. goat milk) plus plants such as nuts and beans which ensure appetite suppression with a view to controlling food intake is recommended. Taking sufficient quality protein also contribute to the control of blood sugar and insulin level by slowing down the breakdown of the carbohydrate consumed.

It is absolutely necessary that you reduce your intake of processed foods especially carbohydrate (e.g. refined grain based starch and refined sugar) on a daily basis. In the alternative, consume whole fruits and berries because the natural sugar in them is better for the body. Besides, the fiber in the fruits slows down blood sugar response in the body. However, avoid taking fruit juices thinking you are taking fruits. This is because they contain more of sugar and the fibers in them have been removed through processing.

It has been observed that when people reduce their grain consumption (from bread, pasta and cereals), they tend to shed weight more easily. It is therefore recommended that as you reduce your intake of carbohydrate in the form of grain attention should be focused on the intake of carbohydrate in the form of fruits and vegetables. This way you will be more comfortable in handling and management of your weight.

Endeavor to add some healthy fats into your diet. This is essential for maintaining proper fat burning and muscle building hormones in the body. The presence of healthy fat in your diet ensures that hunger is kept under control. The sources of healthy dietary fats include raw nuts, seeds, egg yolk, avocados, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil (a great source of healthy saturated fats) and grass fed meat (reported to be a great source of healthy fat and also contain linoleic acid said to be helpful in burning off body fat and muscle building).

Try this tip for example. Eat some quantity of raw nuts (e.g. walnuts or almonds) three times daily about 25 – 30 minutes before your meal. You will discover that it will suppress your appetite and in the same vein giving your body more protein fiber and healthy fats thereby making you eat less calories during your meal but indirectly giving your body more nutrients as a result of high density of nuts.

From the foregoing, you will discover that using healthier diet to control your weight is by far less stressful and could be more permanent.