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Dental Assistant Job Description: The Typical Day

Have you been thinking about going to dental assisting school and get a job as a dental assistant? Curious about just what exactly dental assistant job description is on a normal workday? In fact, it is not as complicated as you would think or as stressful as it might look from a patient’s perspective. Of course, no jobs are super easy; however, once you learn how to do it and practice a lot, you sure can handle every task with ease.

Under the dentist’s supervision, a dental assistant is responsible for a variety of duties in the office, ranging from medical patient care, clinic administrative obligations to clinical functions.

In regards to what dental assistant job description is allowed, it differs from state to state. Yet, they can potentially include the following:

On patient care and attention

prepare patient for treatment, arrange instrument containers, arrange equipment, obtain dental records.

ask patients about their health background and document the details for dentist’s reference.

give tools and supplies to dentists, as well as continue to keep patients’ mouths dry through the use of suction and swabs.

sterilize along with disinfect instruments and devices for each patient.

take x-rays on patients’ teeth.

organize materials with regard to creating impressions, place dental dams and restorations.

process x-ray as instructed Dentist Clinic Near Me by the dentist.

remove sutures, apply anesthetics to gums or cavity-preventive agents to teeth.

try to make patients feel safe before, in the course of and immediately after dental treatment

guide patients on dental care and instruct patients regarding postoperative as well as basic dental maintenance recommended by the dentist.

On lab obligations

help make molds of the teeth How Much Is A New Patient Dental Exam along with from impressions.

thoroughly clean and shine detachable equipment.

generate interim caps.

On office administration

schedule and verify prearranged appointments.

receive clients.

keep procedure records.

distribute charges and receive bills.

order dental supplies and materials.

answer phones, order office supplies and other office responsibilities

fill out insurance documents, and manage information.

As you can see in the dental assistant job description, a dental assistant is required to welcome the patients and make them feel relaxed prior to the procedure. In the course of the dental procedures, she has to perform the job closely with the dentist, frequently ensure that the patient’s mouth is dry and immediately give any tools or supplies needed by the dentist. And after the treatment, she should also make sure the patient’s records are up-to-date with all the correct billing scheduled to be mailed out.