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Daily Oral Care – What’s Your Routine?

Morning breath is a great motivator to get us to brush in the morning – bacteria has built up during the night on our teeth, gums, and if you are a mouth breather, then the bad breath is worse. One tip is to actually time how long you are brushing. Dental studies have shown that the average person needs to brush for at least one minute. A useful tool to use is an hourglass or timer. This will ensure that you have spent adequate time with your morning and evening oral hygiene. And of course, using the correct technique that your Laser Periodontist or dental professional has shown you will also help maintain your oral health. This daily oral care needs to go beyond the morning brush. Thankfully, there are some handy tools that make working oral care into your daily routines a little bit easier – here are a few you should consider keeping in your desk, bag or car for easy access after meals or anytime your mouth could use a “pick me up”:

A travel bottle of mouthwash (try to stick with natural mouth rinses without alcohol)

Stim-u-dents (little toothpicks)

Floss holders and pocket flossers (disposible)

Travel toothbrush/paste

Travel proxy brushes

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These are just a few things to consider to enhance your daily oral hygiene regimen. There are many other tricks a person can use. We have listed the most common handy tools. Do How To Cover A Cavity On Front Tooth you have any other tricks you use on a daily basis for your oral care? Feel free to send us an e- mail and let us know. We will share tricks on our next follow up article.