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Comparing Different Teeth Whitening Methods

Though the majority of people in the world are able to take much better care of their teeth today than in the past, many of us still long and strive for a brighter, fuller smile. However, the road to whiter teeth can be an over whelming one.
I’m a smoker (I know I need to quit, that’s a entirely different article) and I thoroughly enjoy tea and coffee. Why am I telling you this? Well, those things are three of the largest, if not THE largest contributors to stained teeth. Just regularly doing one of them can cause serious discoloration to ones teeth. So considering I’m a fan of all get what I’m saying.
I am here to tell about three different options for teeth whitening out there and the results I’ve had with each. Now, I’m sure there are more than I’m going to mention but the following are the methods I have tried.
1. Bleaching Your Teeth – Teeth Bleaching procedures are done both in the dental offices and at home. Generally, people feel they will have the best results possible when leave the work to the physicians who can speed up and maximize results by using light and heats sources. You will find out later on that a dental office is not always needed. However, in some cases, the main steps to the process are done in the office, then you are given a simple set of instructions to finish up at home. Usually these tasks are nothing difficult, maybe something like using a special tooth paste and brushing and letting teeth stay dry for a minute or two before applying a special gel, etc. I did have this done once, but to my disappointment, the brightness was rather short lived, at least compared to what I read. All in all, the $400 plus I spent on the whole shebang was not worth it.
2. White Strips – Not too much say here, if your reading about teeth whitening you more than likely know how they work. They are simply a transparent strip you put onto your teeth and leave for a designated amount of time. I’ll just get straight to saying, these ARE NOT THE WAY TO GO. I’ve tried multiple Periodontal (Per-E-O-Don-Tul) Abscess brands and styles but despite how “invisible” in terms of seeing and feeling them they are, each one has been pretty noticeable and after the first 5 minutes, very uncomfortable. On, top of everything, I saw poor results after the first week, even though I was “guaranteed” a whiter smile after week one.
3. At Home Kits – Now, the at home kits are made by various companies and will include different items. Many of the kits are made by the same companies who makes whitening strips, tooth pastes, mouth wash (Oral B, Crest, RemBright, Colgate, Aquafresh, and so on.) Believe it or not, the take home kit is the method I have has the most success with. For one, I don’t know about you, but medical offices of any type tend to make me uneasy. That is one of my favorite aspects of the at home teeth whitening kit, your doing basically the same thing done, but from the comfort your home. Another great side of the Dental Associates Doctors at home kit is the price, Unlike the $400 something I spent when I tried the dental office whitening, I spent under a quarter of that on the at home kit. AND unlike the dentist, the take home kit is not just one visit and your done, you can keep the whiteness coming. To sum it up, nothing can beat the control you have as well as the lasting results. I got my first kit over two years ago and the results have only improved with every use! (and yes, my coffee, tea, and smoke intake has not been lowered unfortunately.) All kits have simple instructions so becoming stress or confused will not happen.