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A Painlessly Perfect Smile With Lumineers

Advancements in cosmetic dentistry have made it possible for anyone to have a fabulous smile. Invisalign braces make it possible for adults to discreetly enjoy straightened teeth within a few months or a year without the obvious metal braces of old. Stained or discolored teeth can be dramatically whitened with ozone treatments and bleaching. Chips, cracks, and gaps can be corrected quickly using a number of different procedures.
Because of the invasive nature of some cosmetic dental procedures, many people avoid taking advantage of them. Caps, crowns, and veneers require the removal of a significant amount of the tooth and cannot be reversed. There is also the pain factor that keeps Mini Dental Implants Cost Near Me many away from the dentist’s chair for anything besides essential work, like cleanings and fillings. Fortunately, there is now a type of laminate that can be placed directly over tooth surfaces without requiring any drilling or tooth reduction: Lumineers.
Lumineers are very thin, strong laminates that can offer that fabulous smile without healthy tooth destruction or pain. They are also more affordable than veneers and require only two short appointments with your cosmetic dentist. At the first appointment, an impression is taken of your teeth and the mold is sent to have the Lumineers crafted. During the second appointment, the teeth are lightly, painlessly etched and the Lumineers are bonded and set with a curing light. There are never any shots or drilling and there is no pain. You will leave with a bright, permanently white, perfect smile that will last for 20 years.
Talk to your cosmetic dentist about Lumineers to see if they are right Dentist Working Conditions for you. You have nothing to lose and a beautiful smile to gain.