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Why Now Is the Right Time to Get Your Dental Work Done

Have you been putting off dental work for some time now? Probably due to the cost. That was definitely my reason. I wanted dental implants and needed several crowns and I knew the bill would be many thousands of dollars since I did not have a dental insurance plan.. So years went by and I found myself chewing all of my food on one side of my mouth, which I knew wasn’t good. Then one day I had my front tooth knocked out in an accident so now I had to do something.
My research took me to Tijuana Mexico, only a short trip from San Diego. I found a fantastic dentist who was very affordable. He had all of the right credentials and a very up to date dental clinic. The dentist as well as all of the dental assistants spoke perfect English. The trip to San Diego was a very reasonable price and only a 2 hour and 20 minute flight from where I live in Vancouver Canada. The dentist will pick you up at the airport or at the border and has a chauffeur to bring you to his office.
So why is now a good time? Well the Canadian dollar hasn’t been this strong in a long time so the price of flights is very reasonable. From Bellingham Washington you can fly to San Diego, L.A., or Long Beach California Veneers Vs Lumineers for under $100 each way. Taxes on these flights are far less than in Canada. My last flight to San Diego cost me $88 with $33.68 in taxes. And since our dollar is worth more the price in Canadian dollars is even less.
It is spring so the prices of hotels are much less right now. We never paid more than $100 for our rooms and we stayed in very good quality hotels right in downtown San Diego. We booked online on sites Vitamins For Strong Teeth that give you huge discounts for last minute bookings. The price of the dental work is in US dollars so the strength of the Canadian dollar makes it a good time to have your dental work done.
I had 4 dental implants, 7 crowns, one root canal and teeth whitening for $5,400, which is slightly more than the cost of one implant with a crown here in Canada.
So why is it a good time to get your dental work done? Because everyone deserved to have a beautiful smile.