One, who has been diagnosed of having a heart related disease, would most likely be questioned, first, about their type of diet and lifestyle. However, it has been Dental Insurance That Covers Dentures 100 observed that even those individuals who are physically fit are still prone to these conditions. Which lead studies to one probable cause – Oral Bacteria.
Although, it has been difficult to prove, several researches have been conducted indicating mechanism that would connect these two processes. People who have poor oral hygiene would attract bacteria build up within the example states the discovery of Atherosclerotic Plaque in the arterial block, which is known to cause Periodontitis. It would make sense since these bacteria may enter the bloodstream through the mouth. Which when displaced would add up to the fatty acid deposits in our blood.
For a person who does not brush their teeth regularly would be prone to experiencing bleeding gums which tend to lead the bacterial infection to enter the bloodstreams. Infections, which would even add up to other reasons that, would risk high cause of heart disease just due to a poor oral hygiene.
Surprisingly, it has been determined that most of these said bacteria could not be washed away by just brushing the teeth alone. Dental hygienists added daily flossing the teeth and regular use of mouth wash to help fight and get rid of these bacteria.
The mouth, as what Microbiologist consider to be, probably the dirtiest part of the human body, housing over 700 types of bacteria, plays a big role in contributing factors that would cause heart diseases. Types Of Mouthwash Life -threatening illnesses, which we may know as the Cardiovascular Disease. Other bacterial infections that are also identified to cause this are Streptococcus gordonii and Stretococcus sanguinis.
Cure to these infections often includes extreme antibiotic treatment. Alarmingly, bacteria have grown to become more resistant to drugs and antibiotics. Encountering another problem; clumps are then caused by the bacteria when it forced the platelet to clot within the blood vessel as soon as it enters it. Involving more issues, the immune system and the antibiotics could not penetrate the bacteria once it has been enclosed within the clumped platelets. Left the scientist and microbiologist in working for a cure.
Prevention is always better than cure. More often than not if a cure is available then it would be costly. Good oral hygiene is the best way to keep away from these disease causing bacteria. Being physically fit and also observing good overall hygiene is the best routine in preventing cardiovascular diseases. It would be preferable to set oral health as the priority as this is where the food intake starts.
Everything that goes inside the body starts from the mouth. Eating healthy foods is also part of a good dental hygiene. It would serve one best if they see to it that they refrain from vices that would cause damages to the teeth and gums, such as smoking, drinking acidic and alcoholic drinks. Brushing the teeth at least twice a day or every after meal is a fresh and good start to a good dental routine. Finishing with regular use of a dental floss to reach areas missed by regular brushing and gargling with mouthwash.