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Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad Dentist?

Are you fearful to visit the dentist? Did you know you’re not alone? It’s a proven fact that Aarp Delta Dental Insurance Ny a lot of people don’t see an oral professional because they’re afraid. Are you one of them?
Fear is often called, “the worst of all emotions”. It can hit us in a moment’s notice to varying degrees. But, fear of going can grow over a period of time from a very young age. Then, as we age, it increases in severity and keeps us from providing ourselves with vital oral health.
So what are people afraid of that is associated with the dentist?
1) The unknown.
2) Distrust.
3) Putting themselves in someone else’s care.
4) Pain.
5) Needles.
6) Expensive treatments.
Here are some great tips to help you get a good night’s sleep the day before your scheduled visit:
1) Get to know him and his staff.
2) Don’t be afraid if he asks you some personal information. Be willing to share comfortably and completely about your health needs or issues. Have the assurance he’s not going to share your information with anyone other than those who need to know in his office.
3) Allow him to discuss in full what each procedure he plans to do will involve. Ask as many questions as you need to. Keep your imagination in check as much as possible.
4) Once you feel comfortable with your new oral hygiene team, don’t leave. Give yourself time to adjust to their office, the staff and the new procedures. If you decide to leave, you only open yourself up to renewed feelings of distrust or fear once more.
5) Be sure to ask about their policies on client safety or if an infection should arise.
6) Take deep, long Why I Love Being A Dentist breaths. Meditate.
7) Work hard to unlearn fear. If you went through a fearful situation with a former dentist when you were younger, or you heard about someone who did, this is how fears grow. Keep telling yourself repeatedly that past experiences do not affect future ones.
8) Concentrate on the positives in the situation. Cast negative thoughts out as soon as they begin to arise.
9) Don’t teach fear to others, especially your children. Avoid using emotionally charged words to describe dental visits such as, “Be brave.” or, “Don’t be afraid.”
10) Schedule an early appointment to avoid worry.
Sharing these tips with your children will go a long way to help cement them within your own head. And, they will point your little ones in the right direction to good oral hygiene.
It’s important for children to know what to expect and it’s our responsibility to teach them. If you notice any fear in them, don’t push them away or make light of it. Rather, take them to the dentist and let them get to know him on a personal level. They will soon come to trust him as well and be happy to sit in his chair one day.