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What to Eat and Not to Eat

Don’t you find it weird when people laugh with their mouth closed? Perhaps they just ate and haven’t floss yet. Or maybe they haven’t heard of orthodontics yet and are still putting up with crooked or crowded teeth. Well, this is usually Oral Care Mouthwash the case when people are self-conscious of their teeth. But enhancing teeth structure is now fairly easy. With advancements in orthodontics, improving improperly positioned teeth can be done in just a few visits with your dentist.
But orthodontics doesn’t just end with getting your crooked teeth aligned. After the treatment comes the hard part-taking care of your teeth. If you are conscious of the food you put inside your body, so should you with what you put inside your mouth. If you think soda is the only food you should avoid, here is a list of the good and bad foods for your teeth. You might be surprised with what you will find out.
The Foes Choosing A Dentist
o Sodas, diet drinks, and fruit juices. Sodas and fruit juices, although they don’t stick to the teeth, are sugary and highly acidic. This creates the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. In the same way, diet drinks affect tooth enamel because of their high acid level. However, if you can’t avoid sipping these drinks, it’s best to finish the whole drink in one go rather than sip them every few minutes. Then afterwards, rinse your mouth thoroughly with water to remove the acid.
o Sweets and sticky foods. They are not good as snacks, especially if you don’t brush after you eat them. It’s best to minimize intake of sugary foods and eat them in one sitting, than eat them throughout the day. If you want to eat 3 chocolate kisses, eat them in one sitting, rather than eat one every hour. One acid attack is better than repeated attacks.
Your Buddies
o Fiber-rich raw foods. These include apple, pear, orange, and watermelon among others. They increase salivation to neutralize acid in the mouth and massage the gums. But if you eat or drink fruit juices, make sure to rinse your mouth with water to prevent acid from weakening teeth enamel.
o Cheese. A few bites of cheddar after meal stimulates saliva and helps harden teeth.
o Drink tea. A cup of tea after meal can help destroy bacteria that cause cavities and gum disease. However, don’t put a lot of sugar in your tea to reduce the risk of tooth decay.
Now, if you maintain good eating habit coupled with good oral care, you can be sure to keep your teeth happy after the orthodontics treatment you had. Plus, you don’t only get healthy teeth, but you can now confidently open your mouth when you laugh.