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What Is Medical Tourism? Where Is It Best?

What is Medical Tourism? How do those two concepts mix? It seems that the only thing that Medicine and Tourism have in common is that they are both expensive! That is correct, but put the two together into Medical-Tourism and you will find a surprising solution.

With escalating medical costs and minimal insurance coverage, more and more people are suddenly faced with astronomical costs for medical surgeries or procedures. That is where medical-tourism comes into play. People are finding themselves turning to other countries for medical procedures. In doing so, they can often save more than 50% of the cost of surgery or a procedure.

But everything has a price!

There are so many stories of people turning to third-world countries for surgery. They find themselves in a foreign hospital with no native English speakers to talk with and or to help communicate with the Drs. and support staff. The sanitary conditions are often below par, and the Doctors seem to have acquired their “degrees” on the internet. Recovery time seems endless as they painstakingly wait to leave and return to the States.

Many of those surgeries end in disaster. Certainly,not worth the savings.

But, there is a solution!!

Something that has the best of everything… and then some…

Now, after years of providing medical tourism services to other countries, Israel is offering medical-tourism to patients from the United States. The State of Israel is a modern, first-world country that has proportionally more medical innovations and breakthroughs to its credit than any country in the world.

Its doctors, hospitals and clinics are ranked among the world’s finest.

Many of their physicians and surgeons are English native speakers or have specialized in the US, Britain, Canada, Australia or South Africa. These dedicated doctors choose to live and work in Israel because of the country’s world leadership in medical technology and innovations.

Among the procedures currently being offered to foreigners:

Heart Bypass



In-vitro fertilization

Hip replacements

Gastric Bypass

Dental Implants

On top of top medical care, you will be spending time in the Holy Land. Israel, a first-world country with all the comforts of home, which is rich in religious, historical and cultural sites. Turn a medical “necessity” into an “only dreamed of” vacation. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to visit the places where Jesus or Abraham walked. Heal in the land of miracles. – Or simply spend your recovery time relaxing on the tranquil,sunny Mediterranean beaches of Israel.

But don’t do this alone! No one can hop on a plane and expect to handle medical procedures in a foreign country by themselves. There are experienced medical-tourism facilitators who:

Identify the best doctors

Book flights

Update to loved ones

Monitor Post-op recuperation

Follow-through with US physicians and therapists

Arrange hotel accommodations for spouses or companions

Schedule a full program of tourism Wisdom Teeth Removal Complications either before surgery or after

Medical-tourism should provide you with a flawless experience and major savings that allows you to combine Average Cost Of Dental Crown 2018 a priceless, once-in-a-lifetime medical vacation with the world’s most advanced medical treatment.