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What Is Invisalign and What Are Its Advantages?

Invisalign refers to a series of transparent and removable teeth aligners that are used by both dentists and orthodontists in place of traditional metal braces. Back in April 2008, more than 700,000 people used this teeth correction method or were close to completing the procedure. The Invisalign How To Heal A Cavity Without Fillings is manufactured, designed and marketed by an organization based in Santa Clara. It is a medical device company called Align Technology. There are at least 35, 790 doctors that are trained to provide the Invisalign treatment in the US and an average 48,130 doctors across the globe.
Since the aligners are clear, they are less visible than the traditional wire braces that are very conspicuous. It makes the Invisalign more popular with adults with defective teeth, but is not willing to wear the traditional wire and metal braces worn mostly by kids and teenagers. Besides, the manufacturers claim that the aligners are more comfortable than the traditional braces. The device is also versatile since it can be easily removed when you are eating, thereby saving the patient the unnecessary hassle of bearing with the torture of eating with metal braces attached to the teeth.
The aligners have been clinically proven to avoid many of the side effects of the traditionally fixed appliances on the supporting tissues and the gums. Many of the traditional treatment programs have been attributed with causing side effects such as root reduction (shortening of teeth roots) in a good number of patients. 50% of patients are affected by tooth decay or demineralization. The main reason for these side effects is the fact that the traditional aligners cannot be removed when eating or brushing teeth. Another common problem attributed to traditional aligners is that they prevent taking accurate x-rays.
The aligners are available in different sizes. Patients are provided with a set of aligners and they keep graduating from one set to another until they have reached their desired teeth appearance. The Invisalign aligners are modified weekly, unlike the traditional aligners that are adjusted after every 6 weeks. The level of pain experienced by patients using Invisalign is less than that experienced when using the traditional braces. The long periods of more than 5 weeks taken before the fixed appliances are adjusted means that they have to be fixed very tightly thereby having to apply excessive pressure.
Invisalign aligners are designed such that when the patient wants to let the teeth relax or when they want to brush their teeth, eat, drink or have the teeth checked by a doctor, the procedure can be accomplished easily. This is because the aligners can be removed easily and as often as you choose. Patients using the devices have no dietary or food restrictions since the aligners Oral Care Kit are tolerant to a large variety of foods. The patients should also understand that computerized treatment is part of the Invisalign method. A computerized plan is developed for patients even before the procedure is done to help clients see the kind of smile they should expect. Understanding the plan and the healing period are essential to help in making a more informed decision.
The treatment of Invisalign has also been reported to be faster than that of the traditional treatment. Clinical research that was conducted showed that other treatment programs required an average treatment time of about 35.92 months with a maximum duration of up to 96 months. Invisalign requires treatment ranging between 12 and 18 months. Other research showed that Invisalign has the capability of acquiring straighter teeth than the alternatives, but the results later relapsed to resemble those acquired using alternative methods. Although the Invisalign method can be said to be faster, it has been challenged by a variety of other faster methods such as dental implants.