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What is an Abscessed Tooth?

An abscessed tooth is a serious condition which your Palatine dentist will be quite concerned about if they encounter it during the course of one of your checkups. When a dentist uses the term abscess, it essentially means that the pulp Can I Cancel My Dental Insurance At Any Time tissue of the tooth has died, and that it is infected with pus forming in the area where the pulp tissue originally resided. Typically speaking, the pus will fill in around the area of the jaw bone where the tooth was anchored.
There are several things which might cause an abscessed tooth. People who suffer from periodontal disease may suffer from this condition, as their mouth is an area which is rife with infection which can certainly spread to other areas. Cracked teeth also can lead to this condition, as they allow areas where bacteria can penetrate deeper into the tooth. Tooth decay that is not treated properly, such as by filling and cleaning cavities, can also lead to abscessed teeth.
Abscessed teeth are extremely unpleasant. In all most all cases, they are going to be very painful. This is true for all three types of abscesses, which start either in the gum tissue, the dental pulp, or the bone and tissue which support your teeth. The pain will usually get worse with chewing or any time there is any pressure exerted on the tooth. Temperature changes, such as drinking something hot will also cause additional pain, and there is swelling which is typically present. An abscess can actually start to perforate the bone the tooth is planted in, which can drain to other areas, creating a more generalized facial swelling or swelling of the lymph nodes.
If you don’t treat an abscessed tooth, it can lead to complications. Cellulitis and osteomyelitis are both potential consequences of leaving an abscessed Colgate Dental Tips tooth unchecked. There are even chances that very severe complications can arise, including those which can affect your vital organs, such as the heart.
Tooth abscesses can require a variety of treatments depending on the state they are found in. Sometimes a root canal is able to treat the problem. In other cases surgery is required. Surgery would be used in more serious cases, and may involve complete removal of the tooth and surrounding tissue, and filling of the root tip. It is important to catch tooth abscesses as soon as possible in order to prevent any complications and so that they can be treated with the simpler available treatment options.