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What Are the Injuries That Require Emergency Dental Treatment?

Whenever you are experiencing extreme trauma to your teeth or mouth, you should look for emergency dental services right away. In case you ignore the signals that something might be wrong and you simply resume to taking painkillers, you should know that you are increasing the risks of having permanent dental problems. Moreover, you should keep in mind that if you do not treat your teeth problems on time, that will lead to complications, which require more expensive and extensive treatments.
One of the most common emergency dental problems is the severe tooth pain. If the pain is associated with fewer and swollen gums around the tooth, then you most likely have an infection. The tooth aches are usually caused by dental caries, which is a bacterial disease that causes the demineralization of the tooth. Since the pain will not go away with painkillers unless you open the tooth canal and drain the pus, it is important that you pay a visit to an emergency dentist right away. Besides the tooth aches, jaw pain or experiencing pain while chewing are also considered emergencies. In order to relieve some of the pain until the dentist can see you, you should apply a cold compress against the outside of your cheek.
Broken, knocked out or chipped teeth are another emergency dental problem that need treatment right away. If you have a broken tooth, then it is very important that you save as much of it as you can. Since, this dental problem is usually accompanied by bleeding, you should apply gauze to the area. Alternatively, if you are bleeding a lot, then you should try to hold a clean handkerchief between the teeth and apply pressure on the area where you are bleeding. In order to prevent the mouth or jaw to swell, you should apply a cold compress against your cheek.
If the tooth is completely knocked out, do not throw it away, but rather rinse it under water without removing any tissue from it. Because it will be very hard to place it back in by yourself, you will need to see Teeth Pain Medicine Ketorol Dt a dentist as soon as possible, as to increase your chances of reattaching it. In addition, if it is possible and it does not hurt a lot, you should place the tooth in its socket, before the dentist can see you.
According to emergency dentistry magazines, if the tooth is placed back in its socket within one hour has the highest chances of being saved. Even though these are the most common emergency dental problems that will require the immediate intervention of the dentist, broken Tooth Decay At Gum Line Treatment braces wires, dislodged teeth, lost crowns and filling also fall under the category of dental emergencies. Although they are not as painful as the aforementioned emergency dental problems, you should see a doctor as soon as possible, if you want to avoid complications.