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Vitamin D is Needed to Fight and Prevent the Flu

Vitamin D is Needed to Fight and Prevent the Flu

This past year everyone saw with their own two eyes that our government’s public health officials had no problem using fear to influence Americans to be guinea pigs for an experimental H1N1 vaccine. It was equally obvious that the government cried wolf and has egg on its face, as their predicted pandemic never happened (and not because of an effective vaccine campaign). Where are they now when it becomes obvious that a lack of vitamin D drastically impairs the immune response to fight any flu – especially considering a majority of Americans are lacking in the nutrient? Where is their public health message that Americans need to be adequate in vitamin D so as to help reduce the chance of getting any flu in any flu season?

The scientific fact that vitamin D is required for healthy immune system function is not new. There already exists an overwhelming body of information that vitamin D adequacy is essential for mounting a proper immune defense, preventing autoimmune disease, and preventing many cancers. The latest study shows that a lack of vitamin D causes the higher-powered T cells of your adaptive immunity to be unable to activate. The bottom line of the study is that a lack of vitamin D to your T cells is like having a dead battery in your car. How much more evidence does a corrupt government need?

Vitamins prevent disease. It would cause great pain for the unelected, bureaucratic regulatory goons at the FDA and FTC to admit the massive error of their ways. However, the scientific facts are the facts – vitamins prevent disease. The FDA and FTC are living in the Stone Age. Change the laws – the earth is not flat. Our government’s corrupt cronyism with the dangerous industries they are supposed to be regulating is no longer going to fly. Americans are beginning to realize a primary source of the true cost of health care – the fraudulent use of drugs to suppress symptoms and hardly ever produce the result of health.

Our government should be making major public health announcements for the value of nutrition to prevent and even treat disease of all kinds, ranging from obesity to heart disease to cancer and many others. The science is overwhelming that key fundamental nutrients are lacking in the American diet that set the stage for the common diseases plaguing our health system, including vitamin D, DHA omega 3 oil, magnesium, and antioxidants. Restoring these basic nutrients to a deficient population would drastically improve the quality of health in America.