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Types of Dentists

Dental care is one of the important things in the general hygiene of an individual. Visiting a dentist can be a very daunting task that can cause anxiety and frustration. Dentists are of many types depending with their specialty of training.
Pediatric dentists are trained to cater for the oral care for children and adolescents. They focus on growth and development, disease cause and prevention as well as management of adolescent and pediatric dental care with high level restorative techniques. To be a pediatric dentist, an additional two years is required after attaining a dental degree and acquisition of a license is required before one practices or presents themselves as a pediatric dentist.
Special care dentists, also called special needs dentists, are concerned with the oral care of people with special emotional, physical, social or medical needs. It requires extra three years of post graduate training after getting the dental degree and focuses mainly on the people whose oral care has been affected by their disability, medical history or surrounding conditions.
Forensic dentists apply their knowledge of dental care in legal proceedings. Forensic Dentistry involves the examination, evaluation and presentation of dental evidence. They study the dental structure before death or by use Delta Dental Reimbursement Check of dental records to obtain information such as identification of the victim, age and bite marks that may be useful in court cases. These evidences can also be used in establishment of malpractices especially in civil cases.
Other types of dentists include cosmetic dentists who are concerned with the aesthetic, form and shape of teeth and use different methods such as veneers, teeth bridging, teeth bleaching or whitening or general restructuring of the dental structure. Geriatric dentists are concerned with the Dental Websites Templates oral care of older adults and are involved in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dental problems associated with old age. Veterinary dentists are concerned with the dental care of animals including diagnosis prevention and treatment of disorders of the oral cavity of animals.