The top three keys to preventative tooth care are regular exams, scheduled cleanings and home maintenance. Following these three steps will keep your smile in great shape and keep your teeth and gums healthy and strong. 
1. Regular Exams 
The importance regular dental exams cannot be overstated. Regular dental exams, including x-rays, can catch problems when they begin instead of allowing them to escalate into bigger, more painful and more expensive issues. When tooth decay begins, it is a simple procedure to drill out the abscess and insert a filling. Ignoring a cavity however, simply allows it to get larger, destroying more of the tooth and creating a bigger problem. 
Regular dental exams will also help prevent gum disease. Gum disease begins as a relatively simple problem, but can result in the loss of Dentist Near Me English your teeth, as well as other health issues if left untreated. Regular exams will prevent gum disease from destroying your smile. 
2. Scheduled Cleanings  Requirements To Become A Dentist
In addition to regular exams, scheduled cleanings are important to health of your teeth, as well as the appearance. You should have your teeth cleaned regularly to remove the plaque, tartar and calculus that builds up on your teeth.Plaque is a film that builds up on your teeth. In fact, plaque begins forming immediately after your teeth are cleaned. If the plaque is not removed regularly, it will turn into calculus, or tartar, which is a hardened substance that is much more difficult to remove. Plaque and calculus can cause the loss of calcium in the enamel of your teeth, resulting in damage to the tooth and eventual tooth loss. Scheduled cleanings keep the plaque and calculus from causing damage to your enamel and helps to save your teeth. 
3. Home Maintenance 
Home maintenance is a critical part of your dental care. Having a regular home routine that includes brushing after meals and snacks and regular flossing is essential to maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Brushing helps to keep plaque from building up on your teeth and flossing lets you reach stuck on food and plaque between the teeth. While the best possible flossing routine would be to floss after every meal, if you get into the habit of flossing once a day, you will be doing your teeth a healthy favor Daily flossing can be one of the most important steps in saving your teeth from decay and your gums from disease. 
In addition to regular brushing and flossing, you can take other steps to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Use a straw when drinking fruit juices or soda. In addition, rinse your mouth with water after you drink high sugar beverages. In fact, drinking plenty of water throughout your day is a great step toward healthy preventative tooth care. Eat a piece of fruit throughout the day to naturally clean your teeth and prevent tooth decay. Use a mouthwash daily. These steps, in addition to regular exams, scheduled cleanings and home maintenance will keep your teeth and gums beautiful and healthy for years to come.