Who wouldn’t love to get a pearly white smile but, only a few of us are blessed with a perfect one. If you are depressed about your dental defects and want to change the way you look, you should opt for restorative dentistry. It is basically a branch of dental care that deals with correcting imperfections of the teeth, mouth, and smile. Restorative dentistry completely changes the way you look. Apart from a smile makeover, restorative dentistry also deals with maintenance Medicare Supplement With Dental of healthy gums and teeth. There are different types of restorative dental procedures that a dentist applies based on the conditions of the teeth and the gums. The type of procedure that is suitable in your case is determined only by an experienced dentist who assesses the extent of damage to the teeth, and selects an appropriate procedure for correcting it. Given below are some of the restorative dentistry procedures that are commonly applied for smile correction:
1. Dental implants: These are a type of artificial teeth that are used for replacing broken or damaged ones. Implants are generally prescribed to patients who face problems in activities like chewing and talking because of a gap in their teeth. In most of the cases, implants are fixed to the jawbones permanently and are useful for chewing food. As implants look exactly like natural teeth, the smile of a person is also enhanced.
2. Crowns: Crowns, just like implants are used for filling in gaps between two teeth. These crowns are either made up of porcelain or a combination of teeth-strengthening materials that dentists use. Crowns are used for a variety of purposes – to cover the defects in teeth, to restore a broken tooth to its normal shape and size, and for strengthening weak teeth. So, if you have discolored or poorly shaped teeth, dental crowns will be the appropriate solution for you.
3. Bridges: A dentist uses bridges to permanently join adjacent teeth in case there is a missing tooth in between. This strengthens the entire dental set and holds the adjacent teeth perfectly. Dentists use different types of cementing materials for making the bridges and fix the bridges to the jawbone. It stays intact for a long time without causing any type of inconvenience to the patient.
4. Dentures: Dentures are used by patients who would not mind false removable teeth or implants. These are attached to a gum-colored plastic base, connected by a metal framework. There are some patients who lose a few of their teeth and need partial dentures; there are others, who are prescribed How To Look After Your Teeth Poster a full denture. If you want to know the right restorative dental procedure for you, consult with a reputed restorative dentist. Lexington based David O’Donnell DMD Family Dentistry is a dental clinic where you can consult with reputed and experienced dentists and undergo restoration effectively.