Are you Day dreaming of a White Smile with Yellow teeth? Well, it’s possible as of now. This means that even if you have discolored or yellow teeth, then you can have a white smile with a tooth whitening procedure involving affordable dental bleaching.
Dental care centers have qualified professionals who give advice to their patients. They carry out comprehensive analysis of teeth and gums to come out with solid results. Proper dental check-up is necessary, before proceeding for tooth whitening. Because in some cases. Say pregnant or lactating women, it is advisable to postpone tooth whitening for avoiding any kind of complication.
A Tooth has two layers — enamel and dentin. Enamel is translucent and clear. Dentin is the layer underneath enamel, which is actually yellow or grey/black. There are several reasons to the yellowing of teeth. Some of them include tobacco chewing, inappropriate brushing of teeth, inadequate tooth-care and similar other reasons.
There are specific dental bleaches that help in tooth whitening. In-office bleaching is one such method where the dentists whiten the teeth by placing peroxide solution on enamel. This bleaches the layer of dentin by penetrating translucent layer of enamel. Tooth bleaching result in lightening of teeth, thereby making the teeth whiter in appearance.
Although in office bleaching is relatively safe, yet it is advisable to avoid tooth bleaching in pregnant and lactating mothers. Some sensitive teeth are also excluded from the list of dental bleaching.
oTooth sensitivity to be judged beforehand. People with highly sensitive teeth should surely omit tooth bleaching though it might be affordable tooth bleaching.
o Tissue burn may happen with bleaching as it is a chemical treatment. Therefore, avoid tooth bleaching for whitening in such cases as well.
Results of tooth bleaching for tooth whitening may vary from person to person. Sometimes, there are much more graying of dentin, and then in that case, bleach might leave patches or result in less than expected results.
oSoft tissue irritation may occur because of bleaching agent resulting in chemical Pericoronal Abscess burn. This happens when whitening solution is exposed to soft tissue
o Results of tooth whitening may not be favorable. Some areas of tooth might not bleach to desired level and appear grey or translucent.
o Tooth bleaching may take extra sittings in some particular cases. Magazine Dental So it is better to be realistic in approach then imaginative.
Bleaching effects are not ever lasting. Teeth have to be brushed and flossed on regular basis for longer lasting effects.