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Tooth Implant Cost Spirals Downward!

A few years ago the words “Tooth implant cost – $18,000;” shot through my brain as I sat in front of the administrator after my dental check-up. I’m going to come back to that story in a moment. Recently I saved over $4,000 on dental work. I got four crowns done, two root canals and one surgically removed tooth for $1,270. I got this all done in three working days. If that weren’t What To Do When Dental Insurance Won’T Pay enough the dentist put me up in a beautiful hotel for free as I was getting my dental work done. I couldn’t believe it! I’m talking $200 root canals, $160 crowns, $170 wisdom teeth removal, $1,000 implants, crown and abutment included, and the list goes on and on. Finding a dental paradise such as this wasn’t always a reality for me. In fact, it was the exact opposite.
Back to the original story, “Tooth Implant Cost – $18,000;” it shot through my brain as my heart dropped with grief. I didn’t know how I was going to do it. Everything I work for goes to paying my lousy dental bills and I’m a good brusher to boot. Every time I walk out of this dental office they write up a dental plan in the neighborhood of $2,000 to $3,000, and they act like it’s status quo. Like – “well, you have to get this done and there’s simply no question about it.” Everyone knows when the dentist says, “you have $3,000 of work that needs to be done.” You just do it. You figure out a way to do it. I mean the dentist must be paid. He went to graduate school and so he deserves a luxurious life. So, when the administrator says, “that will be $1,200 for the crown and $1,000 for the root canal, and $5,000 for the implant, and blah, blah, blah. Just pay me. I deserve it. I’m a doctor, I mean dentist, and you’re not.
To backtrack a bit so you know how I got in this predicament, it was an orthodontist who sold me on being able to move my teeth so that the two teeth that were missing did not need bridges. It was a new procedure that he was confident about, and after 18 months of hell my teeth hardly moved, Dental News Office No Karachi but they were uprooted. So, on this particular day as I sat in the dentist’s office, in front of the administrator, my heart hit the floor when the dentist told me that the teeth the orthodontist moved all needed to be extracted – “TOOTH IMPLANT COST! $18,000!” fired through my mind.
To add a little fuel to the fire during the eighteen month orthodontic process two of the teeth that needed to be extracted needed root canals at a mere $1,000 a piece. Two root canals in two weeks. The orthodontist was confident his moving of my teeth had nothing to do with the root canals. The endodontist did the second root canal in eight minutes flat. I’ll never forget it. When he was done with me he got out of his endodontist attire and as I was leaving I saw him hopping into his Hummer as he only worked the morning on that particular day. Let’s not forgot, that $2,000 in root canals were quickly thrown into the garbage can as the dentist extracted both of those very expensive teeth. At the least the roots were out of them. “Tooth Implant Cost – $18,000,” continued in my mind.
It came to fruition, and luckily I had a dentist-friend on the other side of the country who agreed to do six implants at his cost for me, thus the tooth implant cost went down, thank God! After all of this and numerous other multi-thousand dollar dental experiences I have created a haven for people during these tough economic times when our government has been responsible for sending eight million jobs offshore, to no longer be victims of well-intentioned, entitled dentists. I tell you from experience – if you have dental problems and need major work, do not let it wait as those little problems will become BIG, EXPENSIVE problems as in root canals, crowns, tooth extractions, which will eventually lead to a few words fearfully firing through your mind – TOOTH IMPLANT COST! Be wise and let me help you as I really understand your situation.