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Tooth Care For Toddlers – How to Get it Done Right!

Tooth care for toddlers can be tricky. If you are blessed with a toddler who is just naturally cooperative, that’s great… Toothache Gel and you are in the minority. However, most parents have to approach tooth care carefully and with lots of encouragement.
The Best Way To Brush Your Toddler’s Teeth!
The development of your toddler will determine the method you use to clean his or her teeth. What I describe below is what I call tooth care for toddlers “stage one.”
Before the molars come in, the process is relatively easy. You just clean the teeth and gums with a wet soft washcloth or some other soft, clean cloth. How easy is that? You can sometimes use a little KIDDING! No soap, please!
Now when the molars come (that would be around 18 months) you can start using a children’s toothbrush. At this point it is best just to use water (no toothpaste at first) and Ontario Dental Association Fee Guide 2019 Pdf to do it a couple of times a day. Please, be gentle; you would not want to have your child clamping his or her jaw when he sees that toothbrush coming at him, would you?
It would be a good idea to clean your toddlers tongue too, but be careful not to go too far back. You can add a little tasty children’s toothpaste as the teeth start popping up and your child knows not to swallow it.
Tooth Care For Toddlers – Stage Two!
“Stage two” is for when your toddler is getting a little more coordinated and is ready to be a “big boy” or “big girl” and brush his or her own teeth. Now don’t expect miracles toddler is not going to start off doing a good job.
A good plan is to brush your teeth together. This will encourage your child to brush his or her teeth regularly and make your child feel better because you are doing something together. Another advantage is that you can inspect each other’s teeth, and when your child does a poor job you can say, “Ops, you missed a spot,” and finish the job for your child.
Most importantly, give your child a lot of praise when you see him or her doing a good job so that he or she will want to continue to do it right.