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Three Things You Need to Know About the H1N1 Virus For Your Online Business

Three Things You Need to Know About the H1N1 Virus For Your Online Business

We continue to be inundated with information about the flu season and the H1N1 flu virus. We all ask ourselves the question, should I get the H1N1 flu shot? Why is it such an issue? Is there reason to suspect as many people have gotten sick as we are told? These are very important questions to ask yourself. You need to provide the answers provided here to your customers visiting your business internet money online opportunity web site.

Here are 3 things to consider before being vaccinated or panicking about the swine flu.

1. The World Health Organization (WHO) did not declare the swine flu a pandemic because of the number of hospitalizations or deaths. The WHO classified it as a pandemic based only upon the virus being present in multiple countries worldwide. Even the mildest virus detected in enough places worldwide would receive the same classification. Your business internet money online opportunity must provide this information on your H1N1 virus website to help people understand if there is a true risk associated with the virus.

2. Experts say that the number of swine flu cases has been significantly overestimated mainly because the symptoms of swine flu are identical to that of the seasonal flu. How are the differences determined? Do you or I know the difference between the swine flu and seasonal flu when we call or see our doctor? The latest figures as of September 2009 according to the WHO estimate only 300,000 laboratory confirmed cases of the H1N1 virus and 3,917 deaths worldwide. The WHOs latest calculations for regular influenza outbreaks estimate annually there are around 3-5 million cases of severe flu-related illness, and about 250,000 to 500,000 deaths globally. Is this an exaggeration to make you panic and get the flu shot? Again make sure you business internet money online opportunity website explains the facts.

3. The swine flu epidemic has happened before and we must get vaccinated. This claim dates back to 1976 when an Army recruit felt sick and weak and died during a training hike. After the autopsy revealed the presence of the H1N1 virus, later named swine flu, a swine flu vaccine was immediately created and administered to 46 million Americans. At least 25 people died from the vaccine, more than 500 became paralyzed and the US government paid out over $3.5 billion in damages to those harmed by it. It should be noted that not 1 person, vaccinated or not, died from the swine flu, including other soldiers at the base who became infected with the virus.

So will you put yourself and family at risk by taking the H1N1 flu shot and possibly even get the flu as has been the case in Canada or stay healthy and take precautions to avoid getting it? This is your decision but in either case be sure and tell the facts to your customers at your business internet money online opportunity web site.