The Types of Cosmetic Dental Treatments That Are Available

If you talk to your dentist in Westchester NY or a White Plains cosmetic dentist you can learn about different ways to improve your smile through regular maintenance, orthodontics or other cosmetic dental procedures. The cost of the treatment will depend on what condition your teeth are in and how much you want to do to improve them. Both of these factors will also determine how long your treatments will take and how many visits you will require.
Something that is very common for people visiting a dentist in White Plains is to ask about teeth whitening services. There are treatments that you can do at home that provide varying results but if you really want to see a difference, a White Plains cosmetic dentist can set you up with something like in-office Dental Services List teeth whitening. The main advantage to this procedure is the speed; even though you might require multiple sessions, you will see a marked difference after just one visit. When you go and see your dentist in White Plains, you can also be confident that the procedures you’re getting are safe for your teeth.
If the discoloration in your teeth is more severe or is due to other factors like the health of the tooth, the color can be more grayish than yellow or brown. In this case it may be suggested to you that you get dental veneers from your White Plains dentist. This can be a little bit more expensive but it might be the most effective way to give your teeth a new look.
Dental bonding is another process that will be offered by your Westchester cosmetic dentist. It can also be part of a tooth whitening process but has a number of other useful applications as well. A resin that matches the color of your teeth will be applied and hardened with a special light. This process is very effective for chip or damaged teeth, and can also be used to make teeth appear straighter or more even. Dental bonding is very versatile; it can also be used to lengthen teeth or protect the roots of your teeth if your gums are receding.
You may also wish to talk to your dentist in Westchester NY to learn about alternatives to regular orthodontics. You can now get a procedure done called invisalign that can take the place of traditional braces. Basically these Out Of Network Dental Costs are invisible braces that your dentist will have fitted to your teeth. Instead of going in for tightening every six weeks like you would with regular braces, you simply put on a new invisalign aligner every two weeks.
The invisalign braces can be taken off for cleaning or eating and you can remove them at any time if you wish. When you’re actually wearing them, they will be much less noticeable than traditional orthodontics. They are a very good option for people who don’t want to have braces permanently affixed to their teeth and they are even useful for people who have had braces in the past and are beginning to have their teeth return to their original positions.
Your dentist in White Plains can consult with you about what procedure is going to work best in your particular situation, and even give you some advice about the cost and help you to determine if it is something that will be covered by your insurance policy.

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