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The Precision Treatment Of Laser Dentistry

One of the advancement in dental technology is the use of laser equipment for an effective and precise performance of dental procedures. The use of the laser provides dentists the ability to manage power output and exposure on the tooth and gum structure. Laser technology prevents damaging the nearby tissues of a certain problem due to its more concentrated output. In the hands of qualified dental professionals, the laser technology makes procedures safer and comfortable.
The application of laser equipment and dentistry is fast becoming the preferred tool for most dentists and patients. The benefits of using laser technology include:
1) Some dental procedures may not require anesthesia anymore
2) Soft tissue dental lasers may not require stitches
3) Minimizes bacterial infection due to sterilization involved in lasers
4) Faster healing of the wounds and tissues
5) Minimizes bleeding since laser aids in blood clotting
6) Early detection of cavities
7) More efficient dental filling procedures without the use of Working Conditions Of A Dentist dental drill and by killing bacteria in the surrounding cavity
8) Tubules that cause tooth sensitivity can be remedied by sealing them using dental lasers
9) Easy gum and bone tissue reshaping in crown lengthening procedures to create a better foundation for restorations. Furthermore, Cosmetic dental procedures of reshaping gums using laser exposes healthy tooth structure and improves the appearance of the teeth
10) Laser Frenectomy helps children and babies from limited tongue movement such as being tongue-tied and other speech impediments
11) Effective and painless removal of epulis or soft tissue folds caused by floppy or tight-fitting dentures
12) Dental laser technology is also evident in optical coherence tomography which allows dentists a real-time look on what is inside the tooth or gums
13) Laser is used to regenerate damaged blood vessels, scars, and nerve in a procedure called photobiomodulation
14) The bleaching process in teeth whitening can be made quicker Oral Health Foundation News with the low intensity soft tissue laser procedures
15) Benign tumors on the palate, cheeks, lips, and gums can be painlessly removed by dental lasers which may not even need sutures afterwards
16) Healing time of cold sores is also made quicker plus the benefits of reduced pain
17) Treatment of sleep apnea through laser assisted uvula palatoplasty which involves reshaping of the throat to correct breathing problems
18) Reduces inflammation and pain caused by temporomandibular jaw joint
The application of dental laser technology is still growing and enhancing. These laser procedures may not have been used by the majority of dental professionals as of the moment perhaps due to its cost. Nevertheless, this will be made available to most dentists and the revenue that can be generated from cosmetic dental procedures is limitless.